Wild Cards #3

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The natural choice for Pr,

It’s Emma Louise.


Ladies in our World.



First name: Emma

Age: 23

Location (county will be fine): Derbyshire

Occupation? I’m now a gun dog trainer and behaviourist helping dogs with issues.


Please give our readers a small bio so they can get to know the lady that answered the above questions?  

I have always loved working with animals and have worked on farms from a young age as well as horse yards. I studied animal management at an agricultural college before going to university to study veterinary medicine. I started clay shooting as a new sport when I came to university, I had been into horses mainly before and wanted to try something new at university. I went to a ladies day and came away with top ladies gun scoring 23 out of 25 and was chuffed with it and from then on I have been addicted. I then bought a spaniel and got involved with game shooting and beating on local shoots and carried out a 2 week university placement with game bird rearing, I ended up stay 14 weeks and then throughout the season helping out when I could. I applied for my licence and got my first gun and I now I have dogs, I shoot a lot more including some permission land for pest control. I shoot for my ladies team at university and am part of 3 game shoots. I am hoping to get into stalking and rifle shooting in the near future as well.


If you have a partner are they also involved in field sports?

My partner is now my husband, and I are now both into country sports. We both did not come from country sport backgrounds and have found it so welcoming and easy to get into, we have both made some amazing friends through all elements of country sports that we now participate in.


Please tell us how you got involved with field sports, who introduced you to this world and how long ago?

University got me into clay shooting 3 years ago.

A lovely gamekeeper who I found through Facebook let me come to a shoot just before beaters day 2 years ago and then I’ve been hooked ever since.




Which disciplines do you take part in?

Clay shooting, game shooting (mainly on beaters days), beating/picking up, rough shooting (pest control)


Tell us about your achievements – do you compete in your sport? Have you won any trophies, rosettes or awards?  Are you considered to be famous for your participation in your chosen field? – Would you want to be or want to compete?

I clay shoot for my university and this year our ladies team which I was part of won bronze medal in a national university tournament.


Achievement you’re most proud of?

I’m most proud of my progress in shooting sports considering I haven’t been shooting long at all I have made some amazing friends and been to some amazing places through getting involved with country sports

Are you a born and bred country girl, or have you moved into it to pursue your lifestyle? Or are do you still live in the city and travel for your pursuits?

I was born in the countryside and had a lot to do with farms and horses. I now still live in the countryside. I personally couldn’t live in the city but I don’t think it stops you taking part in country sports if you did live in the city.


Are there any professional ladies who inspire you?

Amber Hill


Does anybody have a funny story they wish to share? What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in the field?

Game shoots tend to be a predominantly male environment so there is always comments and jokes when a blonde girl with nails done turns up. But mostly its harmless jokes which I give as good as I get. Toilets are always issues and I often have to tell men to disappear for a few mins not as easy for us ladies to pee up trees.


Describe your field sports trip or holiday of a lifetime if time and money were no object?

I would love to go dear stalking in Scotland or grouse shooting.




Any other hobbies. Do you have time for any? Any other surprising skills?

I horse ride and work on farms in my spare time. I guess a surprising skill would be a girl of just under 5ft driving tractors about in my spare time.


I know many take part in several types from beating and fishing to falconry and clays. If there was only one activity you could do till you are too old to carry on what would it be? Is there any activity you would like to have a go at but not had the chance yet?

I would beat and work my dogs until I physically couldn’t do it any-more.

I would love to have a go at dear stalking and falconry


We are hoping to inspire the next generation of ladies out there to step up and follow your trails. What would you like to say to these young sports -what advice would you give them?

Just do it, contact someone on social media or down at your local farm or estate or clay ground and ask to be given the opportunity. People who gave me the chance have now become life-long friends and have helped teach me so much in the last 3 years. Coming from a non-country sport background  I am proof that it doesn’t matter whether you were born into it or get into it later on in life the world and people involved in country sports are willing to let you in and show you everything they know.


I know that you all do many activities from full bore rifles and clays, air-rifles and driven shooting, but which discipline would you recommend to our future generation to take up to get started?

Clay shooting if you want to get into shooting and then beating/helping out on game shoots as the shooting season gives you so much opportunity to get to know people from all walks of life in country sports.


Now, we all joke that you ladies take ages to get ready, but we have found you’re normally first up when it comes to being out in the great outdoors!    So how many of you wear or even take any make-up out with you in the field?

Most memorable, experience?

I go out with make-up and hair done even when I am beating. I get jokes wherever I go being blonde and short and a girl but just take it on the chin when I start shooting or working my dogs it doesn’t matter your all the same then.


My most memorable experience is when I shot my first pheasant. It was a cock bird so there were some jokes when I carried it back to the game cart but when I shot it the whole beating line and guns stopped and cheered.


Do you think the countryside/hunting media do enough to promote ladies as shooters/hunters, as opposed to portraying ladies as a novelty bit of glamour holding a Rigby or Purdey?

I think media always will show the most glamorous elements of any sport and there is a lot of women being portrayed in country sports as being very glamorous in the media, but what you don’t see is the hard work that goes into field sports from both men and women that aren’t often advertised on social media. I think the important message is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you come from you can still be involved in country sports.

Is there anything you would like to see changed in our world, with regards to the male attitude towards women participating in field sports?

I haven’t had any negative attitude from men or women in field sports.


Do you think that the national press should be more proactive towards our world as opposed to their constant negative bias? A good example would be stories published about kids using airguns to shoot old lady’s cats, whilst our Commonwealth and Olympic shooters achieve gold and are rarely commended in the press for their achievements.

I think a lot of media attitude towards country sports needs to change a lot of people are unaware of the positive impact that country sports have on our countryside. I think it is down to the people involved in these sports to start speaking out about the good impact the country sports are having on the countryside (jobs provided, land management, ecosystems management etc.)

I think as soon as people mention they shoot people jump to conclusions and it is all about educating people that maybe haven’t had the opportunity to be taught about how important country sports are.


Right, desert island time: One firearm, one item from home and one piece of music? Pass


Now ladies, it’s a known fact us country boys have a sense of humour – from bad jokes down the pub to lad’s pranks out in the fields. Tell us your best clean joke? Pass – don’t know any clean ones


Clothes! Do you all wear tweeds and breeches, or do you wear what is comfy and fun for going outdoors?

Totally depends what I am doing:

Beating = comfy and warm and durable through brambles

Game shoot = tweeds

Rough shooting = comfy and covered up mainly camouflage

Clay shooting = anything really as long as I have my shooting vest


What do you get personally from your involvement in field sports?



Share with us your favourite game recipe…

Pheasant stew.

  • pheasant breast diced
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • leek
  • parsnips
  • mushrooms
  • red onion

Dice everything and place in slow cooker in a chicken stock and leave to cook for about 6-7hrs. Serve with home-made bread rolls. 


Share the most useful tip or trick you’ve picked up – from the fastest way to de-breast a pigeon to how to sink your fly line perfectly?

For me the most useful tip is to be prepared for a long day in whatever you are doing in country sports. If that is beating , make sure you know whether lunch is provided or if you need to take it, make sure you have enough clothes and drink with you. Clay shooting, make sure you have a gun that fits and cartridge that you can handle. Game shooting, make sure you take enough, of the correct cartridges and make sure you know how to dress and behave on the field (shoot etiquette). Rough shooting is knowing the land and the timings to set up.


The final shots…

Please add your thoughts about our world, from the price of milk to a countryside issue you feel strongly about?

I feel strongly about the negativity the country sport community get. Coming from a non-country sport background I had all sorts of thoughts before getting involved and all of these were fuelled by inaccurate media assumptions. However, I wanted to find out for myself and having done so realise that the media is often wrong. I now feel strongly about getting more people involved in all country sports to have a better understanding of what the sports do for many people that aren’t even involved and without the country sports a lot of things would not be managed properly. People need to start forming their own opinions of things by seeing it for themselves instead of believing uneducated and inaccurate ‘facts’ from the media.


Many thanks ladies, I know you have busy lives, and hopefully there is a young lady sat out there and reads this and is inspired to get off the TV or Xbox and take up a gun or rod or even a bird of prey and keep it up till they themselves become the next generation of inspiring women.


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