Countrymans Diary

Wild Card#5

This time the  WildCard is the Ace of Clubs as she is an all rounder.

From beating to stalking, clays and hounds.

First name: Sara

Age: 30

Location (county will be fine): West Wales

Occupation? Self-employed

Please give our readers a small bio so they can get to know the lady that answered the above questions? Always been a country girl. I spent my childhood either riding ponies or following hounds. And I spent a lot of time on the bank of the river Wye or a carp lake whilst dad fished, or shooting rabbits with him with his air-rifle, he didn’t have a gundog so I retrieved what was shot.

If you have a partner are they also involved in field sports?

No partner



Please tell us how you got involved with field sports, who introduced you to this world and how long ago?

From a child, both mother and my father, although a very good friend has been the sole influence with regards to the shooting and gundogs.

Which disciplines do you take part in?

Clay shooting, pigeon shooting, lamping, beating on a few local shoots, I still follow hounds but only on foot now. Also taken up stalking.

Tell us about your achievements – do you compete in your sport? Have you won any trophies, rosettes or awards?  Are you considered to be famous for your participation in your chosen field? – Would you want to be or want to compete?

 I’ve been placed and won a couple of unregistered local clay shoots in the ladies category but I hope to get to a better standard and compete more to the future.

Achievement you’re most proud of?

Training my first gundog from scratch, an English Springer Spaniel – with a little help!


Are you a born and bred country girl, or have you moved into it to pursue your lifestyle? Or are do you still live in the city and travel for your pursuits?

 Born and bred.


Are there any professional ladies who inspire you?

Cheryl Hall and Hannah Gibson


Does anybody have a funny story they wish to share? What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in the field?

Probably lots, that I can’t think of right now. In the beating line, everyone falls over once in a while so we rate them out of 10 for a bit of fun, based on grace and severity of the fall of course.


Describe your field sports trip or holiday of a lifetime if time and money was no object?

Scotland – Grouse and then deer stalking


Any other hobbies. Do you have time for any? Any other surprising skills? 

No other hobbies, I’d rather be shooting clays!



I know many take part in several types from beating and fishing to falconry and clays. If there was only one activity you could do till you are too old to carry on what would it be? Is there any activity you would like to have a go at but not had the chance yet?

Beating and clays until I’m too old to carry on. Activity that I’d like to do, shoot grouse.


We are hoping to inspire the next generation of ladies out there to step up and follow your trails. What would you like to say to these young sports -what advice would you give them?  

Get out there to a young shots day or an organised day with lots of activities and try every country sport that you can – you won’t regret it.


I know that you all do many activities from full bore rifles and clays, air-rifles and driven shooting, but which discipline would you recommend to our future generation to take up to get started?

I suppose a lot of people start on air-rifles. I think the most important thing is to have someone knowledgeable to teach you the right way from the beginning, no matter what discipline you choose.


Most memorable experience?

Hitting 3 from 5 clays on a really tough stand and my coach didn’t hit one!!


Do you think the countryside/hunting media do enough to promote ladies as shooters/hunters, as opposed to portraying ladies as a novelty bit of glamour holding a Rigby or Purdey?

 No, I don’t think they do.

Is there anything you would like to see changed in our world, with regards to the male attitude towards women participating in field sports?

No, I’ve found men very welcoming from a ladies perspective.


Do you think that the national press should be more proactive towards our world as opposed to their constant negative bias?A good example would be stories published about kids using airguns to shoot old lady’s cats,whilst our Commonwealth and Olympic shooters achieve gold and are rarely commended in the press for their achievements.  

Yes, it’s such a shame, they feed from the bad stories and don’t report or promote the good ones.


Right, desert island time: One firearm, one item from home and one piece of music?

My 12guage Beretta, my dog (is he an item from home?) and I’d have to pick the music at random as my choice changes with my mood.



Clothes! Do you all wear tweeds and breeches, or do you wear what is comfy and fun for going outdoors?

Tweeds, camo, jeans etc whatever is appropriate for whatever we are shooting


What do you get personally from your involvement in field sports?

A lot of enjoyment and reward, from memories made to meeting new likeminded people J


Share with us your favourite game recipe…

Hmmm, not a recipe as such but I make a fabby wild boar stew with cheese and mustard  dumplings


Share the most useful tip or trick you’ve picked up – from the fastest way to de-breast a pigeon to how to sink your fly line perfectly?

The final shots…

Please add your thoughts about our world, from the price of milk to a countryside issue you feel strongly about?

For me, it’s the protection of Badgers and its impact on Hedgehogs, Bees and other wildlife.


Many thanks ladies, I know you have busy lives, and hopefully there is a young lady sat out there and reads this and is inspired to get off the TV or Xbox and take up a gun or rod or even a bird of prey and keep it up till they themselves become the next generation of inspiring women.



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