This time it’s Tina from Dorset, enjoy folk’s.
Tina and her whole family are involved in the field-sports world so we have a family hand on the cards.


Ladies in our World.




First name:  Tina


Age: 48


Location (county will be fine): Dorset


Occupation? Nurse in GP Surgery, Part time under Keeper


Please give our readers a small bio so they can get to know the lady that answered the above questions?


 Wife to part time keeper, mother of 2 sons one of which is a game keeper in Devon

I help run a small syndicate shoot in Dorset with my husband. I do all the usual keeping jobs, feeding, vermin control, shoot day hosting (cook breakfast etc.). I also pick up with my Irish water spaniel, Fergus and have a new member of the team arriving in September, Jake a yellow lab.  I volunteer for the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust and was formally secretary for The Sporting Irish Water spaniel club.  I shoot when the opportunity arises and am keen to re start gun dog working tests etc.  


If you have a partner are they also involved in field sports?


  My husband is part time keeper; he shoots and enjoys clays when the opportunity arises.  He loves to fish but time prevents him going.  



Please tell us how you got involved with field sports, who introduced you to this world and how long ago?


 My husband has always gone beating, but when the boys were small I stayed at home, as they grew and became interested we answered an advert for beaters in a local newspaper.  That was 11 seasons ago. The keeper is now a dear friend and we train our gun dogs together.  We still beat on his shoot, but Steve began beating on another local shoot which 5 seasons ago he was asked to keeper.  As a family we have been involved ever since. My eldest sons beats, shoots and is our right hand man on our shoot and my youngest went to Sparsholt and is now under Keeper on a commercial shoot in Devon

In this time I have learn’t to shoot, not very well!, learned about the country (I was born a townie!).  I love my life.  


Which disciplines do you take part in?


 Picking up mostly, I gain huge pleasure in working with my dog


Tell us about your achievements – do you compete in your sport? Have you won any trophies, rosettes or awards?  Are you considered to be famous for your participation in your chosen field? – Would you want to be or want to compete?

No, I’m not famous, I am proud of my work with the GWT, love organizing events, have won the odd COM In working tests.  Take every opportunity to promote the countryside, shooting and protect our way of life.  




Are you a born and bred country girl, or have you moved into it to pursue your lifestyle? Or are do you still live in the city and travel for your pursuits?


No I was born in the town, a daughter of an engineer.  My husband introduced me to country life, and I am totally converted

Are there any professional ladies who inspire you?  I would love to be like Claire Zambuni.

Claire Zambuni.
Claire Zambuni.

Who is an excellent shot and writes good articles about country life 




Describe your field sports trip or holiday of a lifetime if time and money was no object?  


I have two. A hunting trip to Eastern Europe, where they use horns to celebrate. their day and count. Falcons in the dessert. 


Any other hobbies. Do you have time for any? Any other surprising skills?


I ride motorbikes.


I know many take part in several types from beating and fishing to falconry and clays. If there was only one activity you could do till you are too old to carry on what would it be? Is there any activity you would like to have a go at but not had the chance yet?


I just want to keep doing what I am doing for as long as I can, but would love to be able to just run shoot days as my full time job.

I would like to do falconry and win a field trial


We are hoping to inspire the next generation of ladies out there to step up and follow your trails. What would you like to say to these young sports -what advice would you give them?


Never give up on your dream, never let people tell you it can’t be done.  Women can be as good and successful as they want to be in our world. 

We have so much to offer the sport, Claire, who I mentioned earlier, does it, girls like Amber Hill are proving every day how hard work and determination pays off.  But you don’t have to be rich or famous to succeed just enjoy every moment of what you do


I know that you all do many activities from full bore rifles and clays, air-rifles and driven shooting, but which discipline would you recommend to our future generation to take up to get started?


That an individual choice I think depending on circumstances etc



Most memorable, experience?


Losing loads of weight and my skirt falling down in the middle of the Midlands Game Fair.. Had to buy a new tweed skirt there and then!!!


Do you think the countryside/hunting media do enough to promote ladies as shooters/hunters, as opposed to portraying ladies as a novelty bit of glamour holding a Rigby or Purdey?


I would like the media to promote us as they do our male colleagues.  Not just as a novelty

No shoot would operate without women, be it landowner, keepers, keepers partners, beaters, picker ups, guns, cooks, land agents, etc


Is there anything you would like to see changed in our world, with regards to the male attitude towards women participating in field sports?


Just as their equals


Do you think that the national press should be more proactive towards our world as opposed to their constant negative bias? A good example would be stories published about kids using airguns to shoot old lady’s cats, whilst our Commonwealth and Olympic shooters achieve gold and are rarely commended in the press for their achievements. 


Yes totally


Right, desert island time: One firearm, one item from home and one piece of music?


My Winchester 20g 

Picture of my family

Handel’s Water music





Clothes! Do you all wear tweeds and breeches, or do you wear what is comfy and fun for going outdoors?


 I wear tweed, shirt and tie, breeks I believe in showing respect for our sport and quarry


What do you get personally from your involvement in field sports?


I have made great friendships, and pride in a job well done 

Then there is my personal pride in my family and their involvement in the country 


Share with us your favourite game recipe… 


Pan fried duck breast, in red wine.


Not sure of the details my husband does the cooking mostly!,



The final shots… 

Please add your thoughts about our world, from the price of milk to a countryside issue you feel strongly about?


There’s a soapbox you don’t want to get me on!  I am very passionate and feel very strongly about farming, shooting, and country life in general 


Many thanks ladies, I know you have busy lives, and hopefully there is a young lady sat out there and reads this and is inspired to get off the TV or Xbox and take up a gun or rod or even a bird of prey and keep it up till they themselves become the next generation of inspiring women.