Wet n Wild.


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The weather man said that the clouds were supposed to open up around 11am so I thought I could squeeze in a couple of stands before they did.

I went to a spot that I had laid off of for deer season. The season is still going here in Texas but the land owner said he filled his freezer and the coyotes were acting up!

It had been a couple of months since I had been here last. The light North wind worked well for this location as I entered the property from East. As I was walking to the first stand just before sunrise the cows got a bit concerned with my present. The small herd crossed the pasture to get a better look at me. I was entering a slight draw I was going use to reach my stand as stealthy as possible and I noticed a coyote out in the field just past where I was planning to set up. It was looking my way but seemed to be more focused on the herd. I kneeled down and shouldered my rifle to scope out the situation! The coyote starts moussing around again and meanders away from me to the North into the wind. It acts as if it has no clue I am there. In just a couple of seconds the coyote is out of sight behind a tree line to the north, so I quickly proceed through the draw to the stand location to try to call the coyote back.

I get set up underneath a nice oak tree and place the call and decoy upwind about 40 yards. I start calling on my Double Buck latex call from Reese Outdoors with a light jack distress. I have open pasture behind me that backs up to some houses. There are not many spots for a coyote to hang out there but I try to keep my eye over my shoulder. The slight draw I used on the way in joins another just to my right about 40 yards that runs off to the southwest in front of me. With the wind as it is I would expect that to be a likely approach.

But since the coyote I saw on the way in left to the north I must admit my focus was shifted there.


So after no response to the first sequence I turn it up a bit. Still hoping for a return from the north I still see nothing!

After another pause to scan the treelines I let go with another series of the bunny blues. As I am panning back to the north I catch movement to my hard left. About 25 yards directly downwind of me is a coyote heading to the call. And there is another one behind it! I shoulder my shotgun and the lead coyote catches the movement but doesn’t key in on me. It veers to the south just out of shotgun range but continues in the general direction of the decoy. I have a baby jack distress playing low on the call by the decoy to help draw an approaching coyote’s attention away from me. The lead coyote circles around to the Westside of the decoy to survey the situation and stops broadside.

I had swapped to the Savage rifle after the shotgun was rendered useless and sent a 55gr V-Max his way! He took off north, on the same path as the first coyote, as if I had missed but the confirmation THWACK said otherwise!

I chamber another round, let out of few ki-yis on the Double Reed howler latex call and swing to my left to attempt to get a shot at the other coyote and, to my surprise, there are two coyotes heading south. The other coyote must have been trailing behind. Never the less, neither of them presented a shot as they quickly hit the draw and was out of site!

I turn back to hopefully see a coyote laying in the open pasture but no such luck. With the one coyote separated from the others I think I may be able to coax the others to come, check on their lost compadre with some more ki-yis. I tried that for a few minutes and then played a fighting coyote sound on the ecall but nothing showed! They must not have liked him to much!

So I get up and go to the scene of the crime to look for blood. Nothing immediately but after some searching in the direction it left I manage to find a single drop of blood. After about 30 minutes of scanning the pasture and tracking blood spots I manage to trail the coyote to a cross fence. After I find blood across the fence I go back and gather my gear to continue my search.

Now about 100 yards north of the shot, the grass in the pasture across the fence is quite a bit higher. The progress is slow but every 5 to 10 foot I manage to fund a spot or two.


So finally, an hour and a half after the shot and about 30 minutes after the drizzling rain stared (it came about 2 hrs. early), I find my treasure!

I had walked past it at least twice! I guess that is the negative side of having your eyes glued to the ground!

He was a nice sized male weighing in at 36lbs 15ozs and it had some decent fur for our area!

I would have liked to get a couple of his friends as well but 1 out of 4 is better than 0 out of 4 I guess!

As for the others, “I’LL BE BACK!” 

~ “JJ”