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       The West Country Game fair 2015


By The Ole Hedge Creeper

What can I say I just do not know where to start on this article, The West Country Game Fair was a long time coming for this rough ole country boy, First I had a long hard winter of hunting and shooting with my Young Sports, Then we had The British Shooting Show in February 2015 to do before I could even think about this show.

For me being a proud West Countryman this show to me is the jewel in the crown as it’s my local show, now I hear all sorts of local folk saying oh it’s not like the Midland or the CLA is it? so why should we bother coming to this show? I hear it year in year out usually from the same buggers who I see at the Midland and CLA and they moan about those not being the same.

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Yes each year something changes with each show and sometimes it takes some getting used to, as we all love the familiarity of our comfort zone knowing where every stand is year in year out, This year we were back on our old pitch and I must admit last year when they moved us I really didn’t like it but we made the best of it.

Well you can’t but not find our stand as the allure of the calls of the wild are echoing far and wide around the show, I start off with the pigeon and corvid calls then possibly the fox calling and well if the muckers don’t come running then there is nothing else for it, What is that I hear you ask? Well it’s the enchanting sound like a mermaid calling to the sailors at sea.

That is the unmistakable sound of wildfowl and that sweet music that can only be duck and goose calling, a truly magical sound that is completely wild and hypnotic to the ears of a true wildfowler and countryman alike.

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It’s a sound I first heard as a young boy with my Pappy and still to this day it sets my heart a racing and a chill down my spine, as I sit here typing this I am thinking of just last night as a Skeen of geese flew right over young sport Jake and I as we were fox shooting and protecting the spring lambs, Both Jake and I froze our eyes straining to see the geese our hearts literally beating from our chests with a passion for wildfowling.

So when I get onto my competition rig and start that enchanting music the muckers come running to the sound of the last wild untamed frontier of the wildfowl hunter, ahhhh some who are not so passionate about wildfowl are not so impressed but that sways me not and makes me call harder with more passion and vigour.

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I got there early on the Friday morning with my ole Dad who helped me set up the huge stand we had on this year, it took us 10 hours to build it but exhausted and ready for a good meal we got the stand looking awesome if I say so myself, also for it was under the Pass It On Young Sports banner that some great muckers and sponsors rallied to our flag.

Of course there was me The Ole Hedge Creeper leading from the front with young sport Jake at my heal inspiring other young sports and beyond, I telle boys this lad is going a long way we will see a lot more of this lad in the futer of Fieldsports mark my words if we don’t.

Then there was Really Wild Adventures who have a brilliant countryside education platform were they teach everything about Fieldsports/Agriculture/Conservation and everything in between, They also do some amazing hunting trips etc check them out over at www.reallywildadventures.co.uk you won’t be disappointed I telle.

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Then there were muckers like the Awesome Jack Pyke and Armex who are major sponsors of Pass It On Young Sports, we also had Matt there from Bristol Survival School who was a massive hit with his bush craft demo and trick or treat wheel, for a treat you got a sweet for the trick you had to eat a bug it amazed me how many people actually said can they eat a bug anyway, especially a private school who were there and we had a sea of school kids all munching meal worms etc like they were eating caviar.

Then there was my ole mucker Robert Eaton a top clay shooting instructor from Shooting UK who was giving free gun mounting lessons on our stand, and last but not least Chev Dewis from CnG marksmanship and Chris Parks from The Daystate Owners and target group was there with Ace the Harris Hawk and Flight the Barn Owl inspiring everyone who came along.

The Countryman’s Diary Magazine and gun Ice were there on our stand too.

We started early doors on the Saturday Morning of the show and well quite frankly from the moment the gates of the show opened we were crammed full all day, at one point we had to stand outside our own stand so folks could get in we were that busy.

The Sunday was exactly the same totally crammed in all day it was that busy the only time we managed to get off the stand was for a call of nature break.

It was really nice to hear from so many muckers old and new with many saying our stand was the most varied and interactive throughout the whole show on both days, I really don’t think the show could of gone any better at all and I will say each and every one of us was totally knackered by the end of the show.

So for me change is often good even if it takes some getting used too, and this year I think the changes Contour Exhibition did really worked so a massive bravo to them, bring on The West Country Game fair 2016 for it’s a jewel in the crown of The West Country and long may she sail tall and proud for the world to see.

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For Tiz all proper job muckers I telle and all with a proper West Country colour and hospitality all the way, arrrrr tiz one thing were famous for round these parts, with our fine ciders and ales and the food that is second to none with a welcome you will find hard to beat anywhere you go in the world.

So next year put The West Country Game Fair 2016 in your diary as she is a mighty ship that’s sails along with a hearty cheer for all to see and be proud of like I am.

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All the best muckers one and all I hope you enjoyed my scribbles and ramblings, sorry to all that I did not get chance to talk and proper job to all of you that I did, I will see you all on the flip side muckers tiz proper job I telle.


By The Ole Hedge Creeper.

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