Walther Terrus-22

The Walther Terrus .22 and The Ole Hedge Creeper

                                      By The Ole Hedge Creeper


It all started with an early morning phone call from my ole mucker Greg (Countryman’s Diary) whilst I was having my usual porridge (for breakfast) and first mug of tea, Now normally I am a bit of a grumpy bear first thing in the morning and normal service is not resumed until I have at least my second mug.

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That is unless it’s a hunting day then I am out there no matter what as I live and breathe all Fieldsports, it’s what courses through my veins and keeps my ole ticker pumping and makes me well, who I am. Much to the distress of some members, of my family as when they are talking some rubbish, I have absolutely no interest in.

I am often found gazing out the window watching some tits go about their business etc. whilst blocking out, the muffled nagging sound of said wench or family member, from my hearing, I often study the local birds and wildlife too at this time ha ha ha.

Well Greg said he was on his way up to Birmingham for his cancer check-up and would I like a bit of a road trip? After a pause I thought why not I could take him over to see my ole mucker Della and the gang over at The Armex factory and show him their awesome air rifle range.

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So after a quick call, to Della to see if it was ok to drop in? Of course it was ok how could it not be how can you resist the cheekiness of The Ole Hedge Creeper, I called Greg and said pick me up mucker and I have a surprise for you.

Well the usual banter started as soon as I got in the car, well what would you expect from two colourful rough ole country boys, it all started with what was our last trip to the South Yorkshire Game Fair and how we got stuck in a car park they call the M6 and I said sod this and almost got out on the motorway and said sod this I am walking to Yorkshire it will be quicker, More about that story another time.

Well Greg’s check-up seemed to take forever as I nodded off to sleep in the car waiting for him, By the time he got back I had munched the sandwiches/crisps and cake and was almost finished with the bottle of coke, I did explain I got bored, hungry and cold but Greg was not amused I had eaten his lunch.

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We headed straight over to Armex and Della was waiting for us with a beaming smile as always, I thought eye eye when a woman smiles at you like that she usually wants a favour like a tyre changing or something.

And I was not far wrong either but in this case the tyre was a gun and not just any old gun no but only a Walther Terrus and in .22 (my fav calibre) as well, Della asked if I could cast my eye over this model and do a review over this gun as it had been a bit over looked by the shooting industry on the whole and did I think it was worthy of a place in my collection.

Now knowing next to nothing about this little gun I said of course let’s see what she can do and well I am always one to back an underdog as it were. So we headed downstairs on the Armex range and put her through her paces with the open sights to start with, Ahhhhh man it was like being a teenager again and using my Webley Vulcan out hunting.

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This Terrus had me smiling straight away I was nailing the targets at 25m every time even Greg was smiling like a Cheshire cat as we both were transported back to our youths and enjoying every shot as our smiles got wider, Of course as with all red blooded males this was when the competition started as to the closes shot to the bull etc.

Now this is the only technical part I will write using a 16grn pellet we put it through the chronograph a string of 15 shots, the mighty little Terrus performed a steady shot string of 588.23 fps coming out at 11.527flb over that 15 shots, The cocking system is a smooth as silk as it the trigger and boy oh boy don’t she hit like a steam train on target.

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Greg and I could not wait to get out hunting and give her a go as we laughed adding a Browning 6x9x40 scope to her, we zeroed her in and the banter and male competition started all over again much to Della’s amusement.

We bid farewell to Armex and headed down the M5 well that was after it took two hours to get out of Birmingham in rush hour, All the way back the talk was of the Terrus and how it sparked so many long forgotten hunting trips of our youth.

Well of course we just had to call in one of my grain barns and have a crack at some feral pigeon and rats old school style didn’t we, It was like being 17 again with a rubbish cheap Tesco torch we called in and bought on our way home as we had nothing with us except the gun and some pellets, It was a lot of fun shooting rats and feral pigeons trying use the torch whilst the other shot and vice versa, such long forgotten fun of our youths thank god it was not the motorbike battery and front light in the army gas mask bag like it was way back in the day eh Greg.

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Well Greg stayed at my place in Bristol that night and over a pizza we laughed and chatted about the old days and this new Terrus that had placed a soft spot in both our hearts, I could not wait to get my Young Sports out with this little gun and give them a taste of the old school hunting of my youth but with a modern twist of quality and precision engineering.

Greg went home the very next morning all the way back to Plymouth wanting to take the Terrus with him, I went straight out verminating with it to a local farm with a major vermin problem as I wanted to put this sweet little gun through its paces on my own, You see its not till I have put a whole tine of pellets through a gun both on targets and in the hunting field do I know what the gun is capable of. And does it do what it says on the tin as it were, I have seen it done before you can dress the outside up to look like a BMW but under the bonnet is a Robin Reliant, the same goes for me with everything I review no matter what it is weather clothing hunting equipment or in this case a gun.

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So if I give it the thumbs up seal of approval you can take it to the bank it does the job that it says it can do and does what it says on the tin to the limits of its intentional use and often beyond, if a product passes my test then you can bet your bottom dollar I would gladly pay good money for it.

I took another well tried and trusted gun with me as back up as you never know from a virgin gun what will happen in the hunting field, I am glad to say the old gun never left its gun slip…

As I got out of the car to call in on farmer I bumped into him coming out of the cattle shed, His first words were ahhhh good you’re here can you do something about those bloody collard doves there are literally hundreds here now and they are pooing (well words to that effect) all over everything. Blimey I would need another tin of pellets and a loader to dent that population and a tennis elbow would be what I would get from cocking the gun so much.

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I got right into it first shot with the Terrus and a collard dove, fell stone dead with a perfect head shot. Well a good start let’s see how she goes as shot after shot sailed true and dove after dove fell stone dead, My shots got longer and longer and still this sweet little gun continued to impress me, in fact she never missed a beat and performed time and time again with minimal recoil but packing a deadly accurate punch.

I took my young sports out with the Terrus the very next evening clearing feral pigeons from the cattle sheds and the odd bunny from the paddock. What can I say but the young sports have fallen in love with this sweet little gun, in fact they have asked for one from Father Christmas from their parents but shhhhh I am not saying what’s under the tree but there is a tin of pellets there too.

I had to go deal with a fox problem on a Devonshire estate as well as a bunny problem on a friends caravan site, So I took the Terrus along for a good go at the rabbits I also added an Andrew Hugget Belita moderator (www.huggettprecisionproducts.co.uk) to the Terrus as there is a ½ inch screw cut just forward of the tru-glow sights And this made the gun whisper silent, I also took along as well as my normal pcp air rifles of course but you know I didn’t get the pcp air rifles out at all. I was enjoying using the Terrus so much that one evening I bagged 5 rabbits (one was a wild black rabbit) and a woodpigeon and I only fired six shots in total.


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Even my gun buddy Mike was really impressed with the mighty little Terrus and said he would like one in his armoury as that is one sweet little gun that packed one hell of a punch.

Well my final words on this superb little gun is its available in wood or synthetic .22 or .177 and if you get one you won’t be disappointed, The build quality and feel of the gun would be more expected from a gun with twice the price tag, This little gun has impressed me my young sports and my fellow gun muckers Greg and Mike immensely.

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She has been overlooked and that was a mistake as this little underdog is as sweet to shoot as she is on the eye, wow she packs a mighty accurate punch time after time hitting the nail in the hole every time, The Mighty Walther Terrus .22 spring powered air rifle now holds a special place in my heart and I will say I will be sad to see her go back to Armex as she is one feisty lady who was a sheer pleasure to hunt with.

By The Ole Hedge Creeper