Ups & Downs


Hello again guys and girls.


JT, here again now with the recent weather we’ve been having in the west country I’ve not been able to be out on the fields much the see the rabbits and foxes don’t like to swim across the fields for food all that much!

So I’ve been doing grown up things you see, apparently after 8 years of being with my better half Sophie it made sense to move our relationship to the next level and go forward into purchasing our first house together now I’m sure most of you reading this have been in the situation that I speak of.


Wow is all I can say bills for this bills for that chuck in a few solicitors bills for the fun and we end up with no shooting and a miserable James then came the lovely comment from Sophie ” When you going shooting?” Your moping about Can’t you go on Friday,Saturday and Sunday?” nothing like kicking me out is there haha! but of course I jumped at the chance fingers crossed that the weather held up so we got there Thursday night came and every shooter has been there hoping and praying when they get up in the morning that the weather will be good meaning they can get out in the field.

After waking and jumping out the bed over to the drawn curtains covering me from seeing my fate for that evening on my shooting outing.
I whipped back the curtains “BAM” raining this is where I’m honest I may have said a colorful word or two,but if I’m honest it was more like six or seven!!
Having to go to work anyway all day I set off throughout the morning the weather improved it stopped raining and began to brighten up it stayed that way until it was time to hit the road home grinning from ear to ear knowing I was going to get out that evening. in the week I had a phone call from one of my permissions asking if I could come over and sort out some rats for her it was a no brained so that’s where I was heading once I’d got the kit from home and picked dad up.

We got to the permission and was greeted by the owner she showed us where  the rats had been seen and we’re coming through well I say us she actually showed me and dad watched from afar you see although dad comes rat shooting and enjoys doing so he’s not to fond of rats meaning if there’s rats running about your feet you can guarantee my dad’s on the highest wall watching or watching from the car sometimes sat on the bonnet of the truck his excuse……?!?

Well I don’t like them and I think your more suitable for the job!
So after working out where they were coming from we set up the air rifles with the ns200 and stood waiting for the owners to finish feeding and putting the chickens away stood we outside the pen just scanning as the owners and her husband exited exited the pen and stood with us watching watching me scanning on the screen all of a sudden “THERE’S ONE BY THE PALLET BY THE BLOODY PALLET SEE HIM? SEE HIM?”.

By the time shed finished her sentence I had the Cross hairs lined up and squeezed the trigger to that satisfying thud watching on the monitor as the pellet hit home on its target. “You got the bugger YES you got one brilliant ” I thought she was going to burst with how exciting she was of seeing on of her egg thief’s dealt with. We sat there for a hour or so and accounted for a few more and stopped for a drink and a bar of chocolate and the phone rang someone’s got good timing if it had rang while I was shooting I would  of ignored it so upon seeing the caller I answered it the usual “alright mucker how’s it going” it was my good mate rob “ayy what you doing tomorrow?” nothing yet why what’s the score? “farmers rang and needs some feral pigeons dealt with fancy it ” of course I do I will  bring the regal “no mucker I’ve had a delivery from armex I got a treat for you leave the regal and check this out !”

We arrange a time to meet and I carried on watching dad bowl over rat after rat they were coming from all ways we ended the night and had accounted for 17 rats not a massive number but 17 less than when we started and for that we had a very happy permission owner she kindly gave us some eggs as a thank you and they did the job the next morning with out back and egg sandwiches!

Next morning I was up and rearing to go and if I’m honest I was a bit intrigued to what Rob had to show me I know it was a air rifle and I know it was from armex but that was all, upon arriving at robs place he passed me a brown box, “go on open it up see what you think of  what I’ve been given to do a review on in there”
The box was off faster than a whippet coursing a rabbit what I was greeted with was a Walther terrus maxus a break barrel action with a lovely black synthetic stock I shouldered the gun and it felt very well balanced the difference with this and the Walther terry is the barrel has been shortened and they have added a nice silencer, lovely jubbly I thought come on then Mr Collins let’s get and zero this and get sorting out some problem pigeons.

A quick drive to robs land and we set a paper target up at 25 meters and started to rain off a few shots in its direction it wasn’t long before rob had it hitting the bulls-eye one after the other,when you going to let me have a bloody go then rob? “well I’m having plenty of fun shooting this little rifle cheers James you can be my spotter for a few minutes more ” charming bleeding charming I said chucking at him soon after it was my go let’s see what we can do here with this then.


Whack first pellet on the bulls-eye and the next and then again and it kept on going like this for a few minutes now those who know me know I don’t pretend to be the best shot but me and this springer were going well together and hitting the target every time to be fair apart from when I was small I’d not really shot a springer much but was enjoying shooting this one that’s for sure.

Then my chance came after reloading the terrus to my left we saw a feral landing on the water trough next to the barn obviously oblivious to us so as you do I lined up the shot on his head and squeezed the trigger… nothing I heard rob chuckle behind me and whisper safety young man safety now I know as your reading these words your be sniggering to yourselves thinking about a time this had happened to you don’t worry it happens to the best of us!! so once I’d realigned my cross hairs flicked of my safety I squeezed again this time there was no mistake at all where that pellet had landed as the bird toppled over backwards.

Happy days on shot one bird on the floor I can’t ask more than that, now give it back was what I heard from rob “I’m off to do my review you have the Walther rm8 stay here and cover the sitty tree and the barn and l go to the other side of the barn and deal with some corvids bothering the chickens and pinching eggs” I this is one gun since rob got one I have liked!

I’ve had many air rifles from theoben rapid 7,air arms s410 and BSA ultra to name a few but although to some degree a lot cheaper in price than those mentioned not cheaper in build quality and believe you me just as accurate as any of those mentioned a tack driver is what this rifle is.

This particular rifle is mated with a huggett moderator and if I’m honest I don’t know a quieter moderator for a air rifle it whispers when you send a pellet towards a target, a truly well made piece of English engineering at its best.
So I didn’t wait long until my next chattering victim fell to a well placed jsb exact he’d landed in the tree behind me but must had seen me move so only flew to the barn roof for a better look and that’s where he gave me just enough time to line the cross hairs up and let him make his last squawk before falling to the floor.

Two shots two kills no bad for a hour sat in the glorious countryside watching songbirds flutter about tweeting away as they go.
Three more ferals fell to the rm8, huggett and Trenchy combo the light was closing in by this time
so packed away the gun into the car by this time rob was on his way back with the Walther terrus maxus and 3 crows ” only three crows ” I laughed “yep only these three mate, the 6 rats are in the bin round the other side!” seemed we both had a cracking day, the farmer was more than pleased when we caught up with him on the way out.

Unfortunately like all English weather it always seems to be to good to be true so as you guessed the weather didn’t hold out for a Sunday outing so that was a day for all the guns to come out of the cabinet and have a real good clean I must admit I do find this very therapeutic try it yourself when you’ve got a wet miserable day I’m sure your enjoy it !!

so if I may say so myself the ole hedge creeper and trenchy along with a Walther each can do a dam good job against the vermin.
That good in fact I may have just purchased a Walther rm8 for my personal collection so I’m sure you will see and read a lot more about that gun in the near future in my other articles.

Until next time stay safe and shoot straight.