Up in Arms

I have not done an air rifle review before, I am not one to go on much on the technical side of things, I go more on the feel and look and weather it does what I want it too, or as I say “does what it says on the tin”. So this review won’t be like any other you have read so bear with me.


Started in 1983 Air arms is a cutting edge airgun manufacture, Being one of the first to use cnc machining and high grade components from day one.


It is well documented that my favourite air rifle is the Air Arms S410, weather sub 12ft lb. or FAC it matters not that gun is a sweet lady and feisty to boot, I started off with a love for Air Arms back in the late 80s early 90s with a rifle called The Air Arms Camargue (I think that’s how it was spelt), and as with all Air Arms rifles there is something just so smooth about them, I have not used one yet that is not smooth like a well-oiled machine of British engineering, apart from the s200 that is made in Czechoslovakia.


But even this gun has the Air Arms smooth as silk action that, I have come to love from this amazing British Company, I know I have sang their praises from the roof tops but credit were credits due they have never let me down. Unlike some of the foreign makes, that have in the past like a well-known German, one that literally fell apart in my hands.


I expect a gun to not only be smooth but take a pounding and give me 100% reliability, as it has to do what it says on the tin for me, as a hunter I hunt in all weathers from hi heat to freezing cold to monsoon weather, and the Air Arms range has never failed me not once yet I do look after them with a regular service. I also clean and oil them before and after every hunt, this keeps them in tip top condition My Pappy (grandfather) always taught me to look after your gear and it will look after you.


The four main Air Rifles I use are of course all Air Arms each one in both calibres of 22 and 177 are the TX200 (springer) The S200 (pcp) S510 (pcp) S410 (pcp) I will say I have both sub 12ft lb. and Fac in the S410. Before I go any further also I won’t go into all the technical stuff you can read that a hundred times over, else were on every forum known to man so that’s not my bag at all.


My Thoughts on each gun, in turn with a bit of my sense of humour, thrown in for good measure.

Air Arms TX200 Spring Power.


The gun is very heavy, I find this good, as it helps with any recoil. but I would not say this is a good starting gun for a kid or lady (oh dear perhaps I should not say they) this is what I call a Man’s Air Rifle, or as I call them the Italian house wife She is pretty on the eye and as feisty as an Italian House wife, but as my Pappy always taught me hold your woman firm and treat her right she will show you passion like no other.


This is so true of the TX200 as whatever you decide to shoot, weather a live target or paper one it matters not weather its in 22 or 177. When you squeeze that trigger she whispers a voice like a passionate kiss from a lover in your ear, and sends the pellet straight and true to target. And when you hear the impact. Ahhhh it’s like sweet music as you can tell I am a pretty big fan of the spring powered TX200.


My final words on the TX200 are she is pretty on the eye accurate and reliable and powerful Loading can be a little tricky at times like with cold fingers etc. But you will get used to that Because of its weight if you are out hunting I would say get a sling put on it, but all in all a great all-rounder for the target man or hunter alike.


Air Arms S200 (PCP).


Wow what a sweet little gun, light, point able, durable and reliable and deadly accurate.

This gun punches way above and beyond its weight, I loved it so much I bought my daughter Emilie one, and she loves it above all her shot guns and other air rifles. Actually I have written several articles about her, with that sweet little gun and how successful she is with it weather on the target range or out hunting with her old dad.


I would say this is a good starter gun for any kid or indeed anyone for their first pcp (pre charged pneumatic). Packed with all what I have come to expect from a brilliant British Company, although this one is made for them in Czechoslovakia. But don’t let this put you off by any means, as this gun does what it says on the tin and in fine style too. Emilie often out shoots all the others in the club with it, and now her older brother wont shoot against her as she eye whips him every time. Well that will teach him to take the micky out of her, and call her gun a toy gun.


My final words on this gun is weather, multi shot or single shot, in 177 or 22 you won’t find anything better for your starter gun or life time one, as she sure is an addictive little gun that you can pick up at an amazing price.


Air Arms S410 .


Above all my favourite gun in the Air Arms range, it feels like a big bore rifle in your hands it looks stunning and catches the light, like chestnut mare (female horse) in a sun glazed autumn paddock. This gun is pure class in my eyes she mounts like putting on your favourite slippers, with that ahhhhhhhhh factor of comfort. I am sure you guys will know what I mean with this, when I say this gun just simply fits well and if I did not know better I would say was tailored to fit me by savile rows finest…


To the eye she looks like a proper hunting rifle, but would be as easily at home on the target range. But it’s in the hunting field were we dance together time, and time again we are called upon by landowners etc. To go and deal with a vermin problem, Each and every time the S410 does the job asked of her, with grace elegance power and deadly accuracy pellet after pellet, with each one as the pellet before hitting the nail in the hole.


The smoothness of the Air Arms magazines, are one thing that has always impressed me as I have chunky fingers, and these are easy to load even when freezing cold, and I can’t feel my fingers. The smoothness of the action loading each pellet time after time, I cannot fault. Saying this I keep my guns well serviced, and have no problems. But I have heard of those that don’t and do have problems! Again I suppose this comes down to what my Pappy taught me look after your gear and it will look after you.


My Final words on the S410 weather in sub 12ft lb. or FAC. It’s simply a must have for any air rifle shooter, as mine does what it says on the tin and does everything I ask of it. As always in fine style. I hear from many others with their foreign makes, people telling me it’s the worst thing they ever did swapping in their Air Arms for something else Well what can I say there will always be one in my gun cupboard. And as a proud Englishman this brings a smile to my face as we are in my opinion still a world leader in the air rifle world when it come my beloved Air Arms.


Air Arms S510.


Well there is not much, I can add to this gun that I have not already said about the S410. Except that is this gun is a side leaver, unlike that of the S200 and S410 that are bolt action, but as I have come to expect its as smooth as silk, when using and re loading. So I cannot as my dad would say get a cigarette paper between the S410 and S510 of my choice of gun as a favourite, as the S510 does what it says on the tin also just as sweet at the S410.


But for me it has to be the S410, as I love the bolt action of a traditional gun, my final word on the S510 is,  it’s every bit as good as the S410 so you will be hard to beat it with anything else.



I am often asked what are my favourite pellet and that answer is simple the Air Arms Field Diablo 5.52 in 22 @ 16.0 grain, and in 452 in 177 @ 8.4 grain that’s about as technical as I get. Its quite simple they do what it says on the tin, and kill’s humanly every time for me.   On the occasion I shoot targets, well they are the nail that gets hit in the hole every time.   So as another thing my Pappy always said if ain’t broke why fix it, so I will stick with my Air Arms.



This is totally my opinion and what works for me, I have not been paid by anyone to say this about my beloved Air arms guns etc. I am always happy to have a go with anything and will give my honest personal opinion every time. But like I say these are what works for me, what works for you may be different. What I will say though is if you are new to air rifle shooting or an old hand coming back, try starting off with an Air Arms and you won’t look back.


Well there you go a gun review with a difference and like I say this is just my humble thoughts. Please keep the emails and letters coming in as both myself and Greg do our best to reply to you all personally.


Air Arms Review.

By, The Ole Hedge Creeper.

Aka: Rob Collins.