Up a creek.


Fishing with a hang over.


I can remember the first time I took my oldest daughter Chloe, fishing for the first time. It was a hot sweaty day in June. I can remember this to this day because the night before I went out for the night with Babz and the wife and my sister in-law I had too much to drink and rolled thought the door about half 4 in the morning. As you do, being grownups. hahah.


Well it was half 8 in morning and Chloe woke me up and said dad are we still going fishing today, I turned and said yes love I’ve been promising her for ages but I got out of bed with a pounding head ache and got the fishing gear ready. By now Chloe was bouncing off the walls with excitement she came running in with her camo and she said lets go.

On the drive up to river she wouldn’t shut up and she then said dad what if i catch a big fish I said it wouldn’t be big there’s no big fish in there I knew this, because I ‘ve been fishing there since i was a kid.


We arrived there and set the rods up, it was about an hour into the session and all Chloe had was, a few roach and the odd perch. So i sat back in the chair and had a cup of coffee then my rod had a few nibbles as the bite alarm started to go off here and there. It was the odd beep so another hour and a half hour went by so I said to Chloe let’s call it a day.

So I packed her rod away and my tackle then WHAM my rod went off. I was shocked in all the years I’ve fished it’s never happened. So Chloe’s started to reel it in and she’s shouting dad it’s to heavy so I held the rod and it was heavy, then I saw a glance of silver it was huge she started shouting ‘ I can see it I can see ‘. The look on her face made me so chuffed. She finally landed it and it was a nice heavy rainbow trout i was gob smacked i never knew there was trout in there myself.

Chloe ran to my tackle bag and grabbed the weighing scales and my sling she handled the trout with so much care. I lifted the sling in the air and saw the weight I was shocked the trout was 5lb 4 ounces. When Chloe also saw the weight she started to jump with joy then she turned and said I loved going fishing with you when are going again.


When we arrived home she ran into her mum and said I’ve had the best day ever I walked through the door and the wife said you look rough .I just laughed.

But to this day she hasn’t let me live it down that she has the biggest fish and she is not lying.