To the Editor.

We are starting a new feature here at the Dairy, letters to the editor.

We get bucket loads of great and fabulous comments from our articles, but we thought we should extend it to allow you our lovely readers to have more of a voice.

So welcome to our new page letters to the editor.

So if you feel you want it aired please drop us a line at:


Our first letter comes in from Tracey Cole, and is singing Robs praises.

Dear Greg

I am writing this email as I really wanted you to know my feelings with regards to the content of your articles that have been written by the old hedge creeper. I am not from a hunting or fishing background, but I am open minded to learn more about our countryside. There are so many mixed confusing messages out there with the way country life works, with culling and countryside management. I will be honest, before I starting reading these articles I had somewhat a mixed view, but reading about the deer, rabbits, rats etc, it is evident that this is not clear cut.

Normally I would stay away from these sort of articles, but Rob writes with such clear understanding, so informative and clarity that it makes someone such as myself able to piece together actual fact and needs. For instance I had no idea we have very few rabbits in Somerset, and I would have had absolutely no idea why. This is surely and an absolute must for anyone young and old to be able to learn about a subject that for some maybe considered controversial. The journey on his trips out make you feel like you’re actually there side by side.

The words that are chosen are so crucial to telling a story, being able to imagine everything in detail, it’s like painting a perfect picture. The key points when Rob tells you how he patiently waits, his heart beating grips you with abated breath. You wait, held in thought for the next sentence. Some may say that it could be regarded as too long winded, that it should be to the point without the faff, but actually then that is an article that is just ordinary and one I must be honest I wouldn’t read. Bullet points, quick paragraphs are not really my thing.

I personally like to get taken into story, whilst learning at the same time. You wouldn’t enjoy a book without any substance would you? Rob writes with such passion, that you can tell it’s not just a job for him, it’s a way of life and he’s clearly well educated and gives informative facts. Never stop publishing these types of articles please as even if you sit on the fence with these things, there is always something to learn. Keep up the amazing work it is so inspiring!

Tracey Cole.