To see or not to see

To see or not to see.

To see or not to see?   Scopes are a wonderful thing, aiding the hunter/shooter to see targets at a greater range and be more precise in aiming. This month I have pitted 2 very different scopes head to head. First we have the Hawke nite eye MK1.3x10x44.     £65. Then we have the new panorama ev. 3x9x50.         £140. The panorama is loaned from Steve at sga. In the following pictures you will see the scopes at 12yrds looking onto a wooden fence with the wood slats being 4” in diameter.   The aim of this test is to see if the panorama holds up its claim of a better field of view, as you can see from the photos on 3x mag, The nite eye has one less slat in view at 3x mag, so yes the panorama can see more on the lateral axis. And on 9x mag the panorama wins again showing nearly 5 slats as the nite eye only shows 4.     The comparison is even stranger at 25 yards. With both scopes reading the same sizing at 9x and 6x mag. Both are showing between the thin cross hairs 4 inches at 6x and 3 inches on 9x.Yet The claim of a bigger FoV, is then proved as both photos show 10 slats on the panorama and only 9 for the nite eye, when set at 6x @25 yards, and you get the same on the panorama scope when set to 9x mag aswell.   As many hunters use maybe 1 or 2 magnification to shoot on it allows the user to get a good mental recall on the scope’s view, I nearly always hunt on 6x mag. As it offers good all round magnifications for hunting day and night. This allows me to fit a fully grown rabbits head in my sight picture, and as you can see from the nite eye view a 4 inch space between the thick post will allow me to range the rabbit as well.the nite eye which is my own scope for the last 10 years, has never let me down and its going retail price back then was near £90. When we take the scopes out into the field I will talk more about range finding with them. So the claim is true, you do get a better FoV using the hawke panorama ev scope, it may only be 4 inches but that allows for better low light use and a safer view when shooting. Pop back soon when we will be taking the scopes into the field and putting some quarry through them.