Protection Racket.


Well following his wise words last time, Tim and his many helpers show us what can be done through conservation and shooting combined.

Now for the many hunters who will read this you will all ready be aware how great an impact a good shoot has on the local environment, for the good, whether it is rearing a few birds for yourself or keepers rearing 1000’s.

We all play a small part in managing the wildlife around us, from the humble air gunner tidying a few branches for a hide or a big shoot setting plots of land for all seasons.

In this video Tim has combined a wealth of information, with some cracking photos from the shoot of all of the wildlife around them, just a quick word you may need to pause the video to be able to read the information as it pops up.

Enjoy folks and please share it, Its Tim’s 1st video and we think he has done a cracking job.

And for the non shooters please enjoy, this is how many shoots run so use this knowledge and learn form the people out in the fields.