Thoughts on shooting

Tech hunter thoughts

Mil Dot scopes are optics which allow users to easily calculate distances to a target without fancy equipment. Originally used by submarine periscopes, it has been scaled and re-implemented for military and recreational rifle marksmen to determine distance objects or to allow for pellet/bullet drop compensation. Once the basics are learned, calculating distances can be quick and painless using Mil Dots.

Smooth pull trigger

Learn exactly how far you have to pull your trigger for it to fire, and ride the edge. As you sight, squeeze it to just before it fires, so you only have to make a tiny, gentle movement to actually fire. The smaller the movement required to pull the trigger, the less you’ll disturb your aim.

Take the time to know your gun

Start at a small range, and gradually move the target further back as you get better.

Know your rifle. Each rifle has its quirks, so get to know yours.

Keep in mind that competitive shooting is mostly a mental game. It takes dedication and a strong desire to hit the center. You have to “make” the pellet/bullet hit the center.

Keep your target sheets to keep track of how you’re doing.

Be patient! You won’t become a world-class marksman in a few shots; it takes years of practice. You’ll probably reach a point where you suddenly appear to come to a halt, and not improve any more. This means you’ve got your technique down, and you’re now at the limit of your skill. From here onwards, all you can do is keep practicing, and your skill will gradually improve. It takes time, though, so stick at it!

Left eye or right eye dominant

If it helps to close one eye whilst sighting, then do. Often, however, it is a good idea to try shooting with both eyes open, as this lets you sight down the barrel with one eye, whilst watching the target with the other. This is especially helpful when firing at moving targets.

Shot placement

Everybody’s shooting ranges will be different dependant on their ability. Shot placement is the crucial part of any shooting whether you are using .177, .22, .20, .25 etc.
Get to know what distance you can constantly hit say for example an inch circle, and once you start to spread out further pace that distance out.

That will be your maximum effective hunting range

Most shots are taken confidentially at around 30/35 yards with a pcp and slightly less with a springer as they aren’t as accurate due to the recoil in most cases.


A fantastic way of checking your ranges / distance.

1. Pace out your distance by a fence line.

2. Remember the tree line and pace that out.

3. Pace out and leave markers from 5mtrs onwards.

These tips do help I shoot from 5mtrs to 300mtrs and know my mil-dots

This all helped by using markers.

Which you can buy anywhere

Homebase is a great place to get stuff from.