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The day we got chased by:  The 4 legged lawn mower



It was a summer’s afternoon in August, when I had a phone call from a farmer who asked me if I can come to the farm to have a look at a rat problem he had. So I said sure I can come up and have a look, I also asked if my brother in-law can come to, and to my surprise the farmer said yes.

Within half an hour we arrived at the farm, it was one of those days where the midges were flying into your face and to top it off there was no breeze, but anyways the farmer greeted us at the gate and took us to where he had seen the rats. We started walking back to the car to get the bait and guns ,then he turned and said you can also go and shoot the rabbits and wood pigeons too if you want we both turned and said thanks so he left us to it.

A couple of hours went by and we shot about 4 or 5 rats so we took a walk around the fields, the first field we came to, had a few bramble bush islands in the middle of it that’s when we noticed a couple of rabbits running in and out of them, before I could say let’s get closer my brother in-law (Babz) already had his first rabbit with a clean head shot, so he began to retrieve it when I saw a wood pigeon land in the tree next to me, then bang, it was down on the floor.

So we carried on through to the second and then the third field nothing to be in sight but, when we got to the last field the farmer forgot to tell us he had a herd of cows in there, so we carried on walking through. So half way through, the cows started getting closer and closer they were about 3 feet away from us so I turned to Babz and said act big and start shouting and they will leave us alone, but no wasn’t I wrong they carried on coming by now me and Babz are running and the only way out was over a big farm gate so we jumped it!

As we landed I lost grip of my gun and broke my scope. We started walking back to the car when we saw the farmer he was laughing at me and Babz, because he saw us running from his cows but he shook our hands and thanked us for shooting some of rats, but to this day I and Babz avoid cows and any field with cows in…..

Written by Ross Walters..





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