The shooter, The Hunter or The Countryman.


Which are you?

So an observation or a rant, you can take you’re pick…

I like so many people we meet at shows and events have been doing this thing of hunting, a very long time.

Ive stopped counting the vermin I take, more so these days of being a family man. I used to keep a tally in my younger days.

I actively seeked quarry to pursue around the farms and many, many hedgerows Ive stalked, from rabbits to pigeons and to these days deer and fox.

For many a year, I was limited to air rifles as being a full time chef traveling around  the UK cooking, I never had a true fixed abode to call home.. So just stuck with the humble air power, but it never stopped me training, from stalking deer in the woods, to hunting the hunter, tracking Ol’ Reynard around the meadows.

So for many years we had it good, rabbits were a brown carpet in many pastures, I still remember helping on one farm, going to cut the hay one hot June day we had to move the rabbits with the gate, as we opened it into the fields.

Young daft summer bunnies everywhere, sadly through the onslaught of more strains of Myxi and now VHD and VHD2 running around, those lazy days of Bunnytopia have gone for most, in a recent survey we carried out over social media, more than half to ¾ of the UK rabbit population are missing.

So as we get older and wiser, and you look back and think to oneself, I shoot all those rabbits for farmer now he doesn’t need me any more, so has said he will give me a shout if the numbers bag up again. “Or farmer talk for bugger orf don’t need you any more.”

I’m also including a sub article in this one as a sort of rant too.

Knives, I’ve carried one since I was 12 or 13, coming from a farming background its just another thing we carry in our pockets, baler cord, nails, fencing staples, and a knife of some sorts.

Never thought any more of it it was just in your pocket, all through school, went to college I carried a knife, went out playing darts most nights for the local team,never pulled it out in anger.

Trained as a chef, started carrying lots and lots of knives and sharp pointy things, still no issues, worked all over for 25 years,nope still nothing.

In my 20’s Bought my self 3 horses with dad, still carried a knife and still never pulled out in anger.

And 20 year later it’s still in my pocket.

Then we start seeing “knife crime” or to put it in real context a jumped up yahoo, with a pant peeing complex who wants to look hard in front of his mates. So a few stab each other, then some stab others, then you get idiots stabbing innocent folks minding their own.

I saw a video on the news channels the other day lad 14 or 15 up in Liverpool, carrying of all things butchers cleavers, and steak knives, and openly admitting he sliced the lads face open twice, and when asked why, “Coz he called me a C##T”.

With so much stigma by the police and the government that we are all going to get stabbed walking home, I’m surprised there is anybody out at all…

I see police are asking for pointy things to be handed in, so far its mainly your old Grandads knife draw contents that you had in the shed from when he passed on.

You see many year ago in the Great British Countryside you could hear pistol fire, from sportsmen and women training 3 or 4 times a week on competition pistol ranges, testing the skills and challenge of marksman rated 22 pistol. And sadly due to one deranged man’s actions it got banned over night and all those folk lost out of training, a hobby, and world titles.

Knife crime is currently doing the same to law abiding folk who carry or use a knife with in the context of the laws, I carry my Opinel folder, its a No4 and does not have the locking ring on it, these knives are famous for. I also carry a vast array of knives when I go out hunting, from my general hunter blade to something a bit more fancy, to even just the humble Morakniv.

What .Gov want from what I can see is everybody like sheep, sat at home doing nothing but watching hours and hours of Game of Thrones or such shows. And nothing else, it reminds me of the bee hive, everybody does their job and keeps quite..

Goes about the workplace in the hum drum of life then all go back to their pod at night and repeat and repeat, you get the idea..

We have a saying Sheeple, its the reference to the masses, just all going with the flock, not doing anything to upset the flow, all doing what they have been told.


Sorry I’m a wolf, I don’t conform to the rest of civilization, never have never will.


Now I like people watching, the daily hum drum of life, all the folks going this way or that way, all moving as a flock or herd, bashing each other if one is caught the wrong way, or tries to turn about.

Sorry the wolf is still here, Its in my genes to not comply, I wont back down and wont give up, its a bit like the very magazine you are reading, we were told there is far to many shooting publications on the market, and we wont last, OK so nearly 7 years have passed and we still are kicking and squirming through life.

We are the magazine for wolves, if your reading this welcome to the den.

I asked an open statement at the beginning of this article, and we shall now get back to the subject in hand so my dear readers it falls into 3 slots as this old wolf sees it.

Your a shooter, you see it it dies, a van full of rabbit or pigeon, or a dozen deer, just because the herd held fast after the 4th shot.sadly for some pest control also comes under this banner, as sadly your doing a job and things have to go.

Your a hunter, you go out take as much as you can carry and always want more, more rabbits for the dealer, more pigeons for the pub, another buck for the wall. You do a bit to help the countryside but that’s your lot, a bit, help out once in a blue moon, take as much as you feel the land needs to give, there is  always another day – another animal attitude.

And yes, 20 years ago I was a hunter, I saw it I took it and little thought passed my mind to my actions….


Or are you the Countryman, take for the pot or freezer and nothing else, return life in conservation, take but not all. See everything and leave something, tidy your shoots, help maintain them for another day. Give back to what you took. Respect all life from rats to rabbits, and all in between. I see young men and ones that should know better, shooting animals for “fun” large caliber rifles and long shots to see what happens, you know what happens, you don’t need to do it yourself.

Its just fuel for the other side, and at the moment they are winning, with only 1-64 people of a populace of 55 million as a firearm owners in the UK we are the minority report and need to show Us in a better light, so far in just 25 years we have lost so much of our countryside ways, from hunting with hounds, mink, fox and otter to pistol target shooting. What will be next, pheasant and grouse are already under the spotlight and it will only be a matter of time for other teeth on our cog.

To put this into touch, in the USA it currently stands at just over 65% own firearms, from a populace of 245 million or for every 100 people there is 120 firearms..

Yes that is more firearms than people, as over here its 1 person out of 64 own a ticket…

So which are you, the shooter the hunter or the countryman?

We will gladly listen to all replies..

Many thanks to for loaning some of the knives.

Butchery block pic, Scott Rea images.