The other woman.

Now for many folks its passed on from grandfather to son to grandson and hopefully granddaughters too. but every now and again you end up falling in love with a person male or female and they hunt, shoot, fish, and you marry into that way of life.


So we visit Wisconsin a state of hills and lakes, woods and fields in the upper center of the USA and famous for Milwaukee and Madison as it’s major city areas , it also has a very dedicated hunting fraternity, and a huge range of hunting and fishing climates.


So we hear from the good lady of one of our writers, you might remember Keith Lageman does a few bow hunting articles for us, and owns Archery America:llc.

So over to Sara Lageman from Wisconsin, USA.

Growing up, I was not around guns or bows. Only time we had venison was when my uncle shot a deer and gave us a package. I never really enjoyed venison. I am not sure if it was how it was prepared or my state of mind that held me back from it. I was not anti-hunting or even anti-guns. I was unaware of what was going on with hunting and the community around it.

My husband, on the other hand, grew up where there were guns in the house and went hunting. He went to the hunting shack and was involved in the fun of hunting season. He was able to bond with the men in his family. Finding out all the stories of years past. He heard about all the different land that his family owned and hunted. He was able to see the land how the people intended it to be seen. It was there for your family to survive.

After I met him, he showed me what the hunting community can do. Hunting is tough and a lot of work. It brings your loved ones close. It has taught my son responsibility and dedication that some year’s turn out great and other years you eat tag soup. My son started climbing a tree-stand at the age of 3. He has always wanted to be there to put food plots in and check cameras. He is great at looking for great trees to hang a tree-stand on or a place to put a camera and has helped track deer. Hunting teaches him that nothing is free and life is tough but, if you make it fun with people you love, it is great!

I have seen more good from the hunting community than I have seen bad. They have come together to support families less fortunate. They have showed the world that not everyone is selfish, cold hearted and evil.  The hunting community is a family that has you back. You may never meet that part of the family but you know they are there to support you if you need it.

All in all, I am happy my husband was able to show me the good in the world. The part of the world that I am happy to see my son grow up in. With all the bad things going on around us, I hope my son looks at the hunting community for support anytime he may need it. To end this, I would like to say “Thank you, to the hunting community for being great friends and family!”


By Sara Lageman, Back soon we hope…..


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