A Tale Of The Rabbit Rifle


                   By The Ole Hedge Creeper

It all started off whilst at The British Shooting Show 2015, I was having a chat with Jamie on the Deben/Hawk stand all about lamps versus Night Vision etc, and this was when he first showed me the cordless 150 led tracer lamp with red filter attachment.

Now I have heard tales of lamps very similar to this with claims it’s the new breed and going to take over the market and the likes from all sorts of companies etc, so I was expecting more of that really and well quite honestly I never believe a word of it until I get my hands on a product and put it through my field tests.

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Then and only then will it get my mucker brand thumbs up seal of approval that has come to be my tried and trusted word honour taken by many a proffeciaonal and armature fieldsportmen alike, That this product has passed my test and actually does what it says it can do, what I have come to call does what it says on the tin, because if I will part with good money for it then you can bet your bottom dollar its good.

So Jamie said here take this one for review if it’s good review it if not tell us how to improve the product, well you can’t say fairer than that can you.

First night back from the show I get a call from a farmer saying can you come and sort this rabbit problem out they are eating so much grass I am not going to have anything left for hay, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth or turn down some sport either so well of course I said yes I will be there tomorrow night, I also thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try out this new tracer cordless lamp on what really are lamp shy bunnies.


Of course I took along my old faithful lamp and NiteSite Wolf NV unit as back up just in case, I also wanted to try out my new 22 rim fire rifle as well, so a night of un tried and tested equipment was in order down on a farm were the fields have been Knick named the fields of dreams by many a mucker who has joined me to hunt here, The reason it’s called that is that there are more rabbits than you could poke a stick at let alone shoot at.

My Ole mucker Nik joined me in the late afternoon to try his new Webley Raider out he did well bagged a couple of nice bunnies then shot off to put them in the pot, I continued on with my ole Dad being the lamp man, I will tell you boys that new lamp is the shizzle I have not ran it out yet, The red filter is the first one I have ever used were you can still see almost as good as with no filter.

Really impressed with this lamp and the rabbits took no notice of the red beam at all even a fox ignored it, I went on to shoot some really nice rabbits that all ended up in the pot, Even one at 103 yards on the range finder all on the cordless lamp.


It’s so light and versatile, even though I have the night vision units if I can I always love to lamp first, It’s a skill many a new shooter just does not bother with and goes for the NV method, But not me I love lamping traditionally and teach my young sports this skill first.

Night Vision has its place and for me the best one on the market is NiteSite(available from www.reallywildadventures.co.uk), That product really does do what it says on the tin and has accounted for so many lamp shy foxes and rabbits especially with The Ole Hedge Creeper behind the rifle, But like I say the lamping skill must be learnt first and this new lamp has my passion for that pulsing again as no big battery needed just a simply easy to use light weight lamp that actually does what it says on the tin.


The next job we were called to a few nights later was rabbits in a horse place so again I took the lamp with the other gear as back up, I let Dad shoot on this one as the rabbits would not be more than 40 yards away at the most with many of them being 20 to 30 yards on average.

So I assumed the position as lamp man on this hunt, Dad wanted to use the new Walther RM8 I think I may of lost this air rifle to Dad or my Young sports as I hardly get chance to use it myself these days, It really is a cracking little rifle (available from www.reallywildadventures.co.uk) it’s so point able and kills cleanly every time, you know it hits like a steam train and whispers as quiet as a mouse especially with an Andrew Huggett Belita mod fitted to it (available from www.huggettprecisionproducts.co.uk) it so quiet its unfair.


Well Dads old eyes are not what they used to be so he missed one or two rabbits that were sitters he swore they were closer but basically he did not give enough hold over on them, But he did shoot well and bagged some really nice shots all perfect head shots too, Dads never really been an airgun enthusiast he loves his shot guns but this Walther RM8 of mine it has stirred a new passion for him, I can see him buying one the way he is going all he says is when are we going ratting I want to use the NiteSite Walther combo ok? Yes Dad ok is my answer, it’s nice to see him with a new passion and watching his voyage of discovery after all he has done for me all these years both on and of the hunting field.


We finished that hunt with three nice fresh shot rabbits, Dad also piped up saying here I fancy that rabbit carbonara you make so you best make it for tea next week as your mother is out, Dad and cooking does not go well together, ohhhh the stories I could tell you about when Mum went into hospital for a few days when I was a boy.

I came down for breakfast with the smell of disaster filling the air, He nearly burnt the house down and well burnt pigeon breast that was tougher than my rugby boots scrambled egg with the shell still on and burnt black as coal onions was more than me or my brother could bear, we made mum promise never to go in hospital again or let Dad cook for us ever again, I suppose that’s one way I found my passion for cooking and not being poisoned by Dads culinary disasters.

The next hunt I was called back to the fields of dreams as farmer requested my presence, it actually tied in well with picking up a gun cabinet from a friend just around the corner from said farm, That coupled with Young Sport Jake wanting to come for the ride pleading no begging me please can we go shooting even if it’s only for half an hour I am so bored.

Ahhhhhh well as if I ever turn a Young Sport down and well guess what he only commandeered my Walther RM8, I telle one of these days I am actually going to get to use my own gun instead of being donkey boy carrying everything or lamp man, I don’t mind really its bloody good to see a young man out honing his skills and putting into practice all I have taught him.

I got to the farm after getting the gun cabinet Jake went straight into hunting mode working out his stalking skills were the wind was etc and how to approach the rabbits to be in the best places for the chance of a shot, He also took my best binoculars with him.

Farmer and I stood there watching him with a mug of tea in our fists watching Young Sport Jake stalk up on the rabbits who were totally un aware of his presence, Jake drops to his knee behind some reeds and takes the first rabbit with a perfect head shot, it was like watching it all on TV in slow motion I telle, I would say it was getting on for a 30 yard shot with a good right to left crossing wind.

Farmer looked at me and said here you can bring that boy again he can shoot well that young un, Farmer also added I can always tell when you have trained someone to hunt they stalk just like you, Just as your Pappy taught you here on this very farm when you were a boy.

Farmer is an old family friend and close mucker of my Pappy god rest his soal, I have tears in my eyes just writing this as that really is the best compliment I could ever be given, for I am doing exactly what my Pappy asked me to do and that is pass on his teachings.

As we stood there Jake accounted for rabbit after rabbit with my Walther RM8 air rifle and farmer said he could see my smile get wider and wider with ever shot the boy took, the pride was bursting out of me I telle boys as it does with every young sport I train or coach, I now know what my Pappy meant when he said no amount of money can buy those heart tokens earned from the Young Sports, That wise old goat was bloody right too for as a young man I never understood what he was passing onto me but now I do as a bit of an old goat myself.


I telle all this new gear and getting to use it with the Young Sports really is a pleasure nay an honour boys, But stand on my word if I say it does what it says on the tin then you can bloody well take it to the bank that it does, All the equipment I use or review has been put through above and beyond its intended use and if I give it my thumbs up then it’s good enough for my young sports too.

Ava good un mucker and catch ye on the flip side in the next set of ramblings of yer ole mucker.

Tiz Proper job I telle.

By The Ole Hedge Creeper