The Game fair.

Set in an old favorite for many fairs before it, this years was showcased at the very impressive Ragley Hall in the east midlands just the other side of Coventry.

Set in an impressive 5000 acres of working farm, woodlands and gardens it provided a magnificent back drop to the new game fair- formally the CLA.


With a very nice layout set as small areas called villages the show was a huge hit with regular show visitors and new faces, the stand owners I had chance to chat with had a cracking 3 days of busy, very busy and manic. And the countryman’s corner was no exception.


We had Mark the rabbit man, doing ferret demos with his own unique Yorkshire charm, and in the afternoons he was busy doing chainsaw carving demo, not a skill to be sniffed at.

Which he kindly donated to pass it on, and we held impromptu auctions in the ring, raising several pounds to help the cause.




We had Chris showing off his knife making skills and offering a sharpening service for show goers.


Mike was with his beautifully made Calls of the wild, all hand turned and hand tuned .


Tim and Scott the northern area pass it on guys had driven down through the night to help offer advice from rough shooting to goose and duck hunting.


Gary had brought his birds which were, a Saker falcon and 2 Harris hawks, and the crowd loved to see these birds and ask all about them.



We had a few other lads turn up over the weekend to offer advice and help run the stand, so many thanks to them.

I spent the weekend helping out and promoting the Diary magazine, pass it on and of course Gun-ICE our safety id card.



And Rob the old hedge creeper spent it fast asleep.


Oh and several ring demos everyday from pigeon and crow decoy shooting to duck and goose.Calling demos and  answering the hundreds of questions and arranging everything else.

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And the show was a massive hit, And we look forward to next years, being held at Hatfield House.

Many thanks to the Game Fair staff and helpers for making it another show to stick in the diary.