Evening meals

Sweet and sour red cabbage

Medium size red cabbage shredded 1 Apple either cut up into small chunk or shredded Red wine vinegar Lemon juice Sugar Bay leaf (optional) Water to cover This is a very simple recipe and doesn’t contain measurements because you can vary it to your taste. Put the shredded cabbage and apple in a sauce pan and cover it with water. Add a good splash of vinegar, a splash of lemon juice (to keep the colour) and some sugar to sweeten. I will alternate between brown and white sugar depending on what is in my cupboard. Give it a good stir and taste the sauce for flavour. Add the bay leaf if you’re using and boil for around an hour and a half until the cabbage is soft and the liquid has been reduced slightly. Strain the liquid and serve. I find this dish tastes just as great, if not better the day after.