In from the cold.

A man from nowhere…

Hi my name Alex Vankovs I was born in Russia, 31st ofJuly 1984, in a closed military city only 300km away from the space station Baikanur. Growing up in a family of a USSR AIR force colonel wasn’t always easy, so the discipline, punctuality, good manners and love to firearms were part of my
childhood and teenage ears.

In 1991 my family moved back to my father country Latvia, where I grow up on 27 ha family owned farm. From 11 years of age I was accompanying my father to driven hunting for moose,boar,linx,wolf, deer and even bear. In 2003 I went to university to undertake Sort education subjects , but never finished it as Latvia become part of EU and traveling become easy.

At the age of 20 years I’ve made the decision to leave Latvia and go to UK with the hope to make money for future education, in 2005 I came to England as seasonal farm worker/ picker. My english was limited with three phrases and I didn’t knew anyone at all. Few months later I have met my future wife and asked her to marry him. We got married 4 month latter in Belarus.
In 2006 I have returned to UK as now I needed money for my new family, again as seasonal worker I worked on the farm.

Working hard and learning english from watching TV and listening Radio I have managed to get full time job. My wife joined me 6 month later.
We both become valuable employees of the company in the first year, (by now 11 years on Iam one of the Managers on the farm).
3 years latter after moving in to the house I start desperately looking for any ways to get out in to the countryside: bird watching, fishing and foraging, HUNTING was out of question as it was something beyond the reality!

A long time a go, when I was about 12 years old my father let me to decorate the stock of his shot gun with very basic carving. So I though to try this again, after visiting few local hunting shops with the hope that I might find someone who would be interested in my skill, I have met a good and kind
person who offered to take me out for a roe buck stalk.

On the 30 July 2011 8:46 pm I have shot my first deer in UK, a beautiful seven pointer roe buck dropped on spot! From that moment, I was determined to get my Firearms and Shotgun certificate and take
on stalking no matter what. I went through everything by my self (well there were few good people who helped me on my way) with constant improvement of my english. Now I have courses like DSC level 1 and 2, Humane

Deer impact and survey and NRA RCO qualification, also I am looking in to DMQ qualification and forward development of myself. I successfully helping to manage deer/fox/rabbit/ pigeon on few local farms.
My passion “carving rifle/gun stocks” changed with the time, now I am carving antlers and making sticks to order. Making bespoke carvings on fallow/roe and red deer antlers, makes my work intersting and different.
It takes lots of practice and patience both thinks which I don’t have!

My son is my main determination, I want him to see that everything is possible if you work hard and stay honest to yourself.