The Chris Potter Ferret Show July 2013.

Pass it on. Chris Potter ferret and fun day.



Chris potter ferret and fun day.


As I sit here typing this article a day after the simply brilliant, Chris Potter Ferret show I am being serenaded by the Great Spirits war drums and flashings of his mighty spears. Going across my beloved North somerset skies, When I say war drums and spears of course I mean thunder and lighting, and the rain is lashing down or as my Ole Pappy (grandfather) would say, it’s a lovely soft day and a pleasure to be alive to see it. He was right of course no matter what the weather to a true countryman, he will see the true beauty, in all of Mother Nature’s moods for she is a temperamental woman and cannot be predicted for she can change her mind in a whip of the wind.

Myself and Young Woodspring Shooting Clubman Nick left bright and early, in time for the show so we could get there and set up the Pass It On Young Sports stand bright and early or so we thought, All I will say on the matter of being late is that my brain used to be like a sponge and now its more like a brick, and I often forget things this morning was no exception and had to head back and pick up some equipment I/we left behind.

Upon getting to the show a little late, I might add in true country folk style a sea of people were there ready to help us set up. I have always said it, true country folk are always there when a friend neighbour or stranger needs a hand or help and will pitch in without a second thought, Now this is something I really never see from city dwellers or town folk, Later in this article I will tell you more about how these salt of the earth country folk helped and got me out of a tight jam.

Well all set up in record time and the show was well under way, as I look around I see a multitude of stands and a sea of ferrets of all colours shapes and sizes. Actually the amount of people there with ferrets ready for the show I swear had tripled from the previous year, I must admit I was glad not to have been the judge on this show as the competition was fierce and for the judges to choose there was barely a whisker between many of the ferrets.

What was nice to see was not only were there showing ferrets, but there were a sea of working ferrets that were not just holding their own but winning too against some season show pro’s.     This for me was always a plus point as its the same when I see a terrier or larger show and I see what I call show ponies everywhere rosette hunters and not a proper working animal amongst them or if there are they get pushed aside.

Not here at this show it was a cracking show with some top ferret judges picking winners, in fact I picked a few myself (in my head of course) and blow me the judges chose them as well. Ahhhh The Ole Hedge Creeper still has an eye for a good working animal, what impressed me highly was the hygiene as between each class Chris and his team were in there disinfecting and cleaning out each show box and that for me showed the true professionalism of this brilliant little show.

I/we met so many old friends and so many new ones and also were well fed, by Chris and his dad and the rest of the family at the BBQ. Awwwwww Nom Nom Nom proper home made burgers and sausages full of flavour and no rubbish, all proper good quality grub and made in their family butchers . Shop but the highlight for me was the proper thick West Country Local bacon, cut thick like a proper rasher should be and never shrank and came off the BBQ all golden and crispy, just the way a proper country boy loves it. Then put between two bread vans ( a crusty roll ) with proper butter on that ran down my chin now that for me boys n gals was proper job and well the flavour out of this world, as it catapulted me back in time to a young man on my uncles farm and bacon from his own pigs coming out of the arga in his farmhouse kitchen.

The show is held at the Nynehead village club near Taunton a wonderful village club, full of proper country characters, and we swapped many a tale and a joke or three over some lovely Somerset Golden fermented apple juice, ( I only had one as I was driving home later that day). I must say I was saddened when the day came to a close as its a Village that reminds me of the Village of my youth, with Countrymen Folk a plenty and Countrywomen as colour full as my golden Somerset apple juice,

Well nothing else for it, take down the Pass It On Young Sports Stand and load the truck and head home. I was just about to fold the table up when young Nick came around the corner with a face as white as a sheet and longer than mothers washing line. “What’s wrong young un you look like you have seen a ghost?” He blurted out “I was just loading the car and shut the boot and oooooo err ummm I have locked the keys in the boot GULP!”

Well not one to panic after I had called him a ‘doughnut’ I headed round to the truck, yes he was right there they were staring at us on the boot floor. Hmmm what could be done? Luckily I had left my drivers door window open a little so we tried everything, from coat hangers to a broom handle even lassoing the handle but to no avail.

We had quite a crowd of village folk assembled by this point, and well it was decided nothing else for it but to rip off my plastic window wind visor, and a local skinny fellow managed to get an arm in and pop the lock. That was lucky and so I bought him a drink to say thank you for his help and like I said at the start, proper country folk all pitching in when a fellow mucker needs help.

Off home we trotted just a little lighter than when we came and well you can imagine the banter I gave that young un, for locking my keys in the car and well lets just say we might have a winner for the clangers award at the Woodspring Pigeon Shooting & Wildfowling Clubs Christmas Dinner.

My round up of the day an awesome ferret show run by a top mucker and his friends and family, in a village of salt of the earth country folk who are as welcoming, as a warm fire and a glass of cider after a day/night out hunting, Some great memories made and I can’t wait till next year already.




Pic1: Tim from London and a supporter of pass it on at the ferret show.

Pic2: Dave a show goer who loved my game cookery book.

Pic3: signing one of my cookbooks at the show.

Pic4: Chris Potter is anxiously waiting to give out the winners their trophies and rosettes as the judges struggle to find a winning ferret.

Pic5: The Pass It On Young Sports Stand at The Chris Potter Ferret Show July 2013.


By Rob Collins.

Aka: The Ole Hedge Creeper.


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