The Boys Day Out.


Hello dear reader.

It’s been a long time , I can only apologize. A lot has happened since my last ramblings.

We have lost a few family members , partnerships have broken down and  new partnerships started.

We also have a new arrival in the shape of Marley , our second Grandson.

I digress.

A plan was hatched to have a boys day out  whilst my daughter and granddaughter would have a girly day and the wife would look after Marley. The boys would include my Pappy , the boy child Christopher , and son in law Louis , the grandson  Lucas , and your author  of course. A date was arranged and wheels set in motion. Life was looking good.


As always in these things the Gods transpired to thwart our mortal plans. The boy child was required for work , the council never rests , there is always grass to cut and rubbish to collect.

Pappies housing association decided his boiler and heating appliances needed to be checked and could only inspect them on our day. Things weren’t looking good.

As our planned day out approached I thought it prudent to check the required equipment. If your like me , dear reader , you soon realize your few rods and reels actually turn out to include a rods for every type of fishing there is.

Did I mention we had decided to pursue the piscatorial pass time for our boys day out ?  As I blundered around in my Man cave ( shed ) extracting the required angling apparatus the pile of gear got steadily larger and more complex.

It would seem I posses fold away travel rods ,powerful carp rods with reels to match , bite alarms , bank sticks to rod pods , landing nets of minuscule size to nets capable of catching a 747. Fly rods , beach casters and boat rods , Whitby reels , lures like flashes of silver to hooks a Great white would blanch at. 5 meter Margin poles to poles that seem as though you touch the moon with them.

How had all this kit , for one sport , been accumulated ? After much deliberation I settled on two of the margin poles for Louis and the Grandson with the required tackle and a Shakespeare match rod and reel for myself.

Landing nets , seat box , folding chairs and tackle box were selected and ready to be loaded into the trusty metal steed.

The day of our trip arrived and Lucas and myself were up , dressed and on our way to collect Louis. After a breakfast stop , at the Golden Arches establishment , we set off to our selected fishing hole.

Woodlands at Carlton Mineot , near Thirsk ,  is a anglers paradise. With its multiple lakes , well stocked tackle and bait shop , cafe , bar and holiday cabins and friendly and knowledgeable staff it is a piece of heaven set in the  Gods own County.


The days bait was purchased , a pint of wrigglies ( maggots) and the car unloaded. Wanting to get on the fish as soon as possible I selected one of the nearest lakes to the car park and we selected three fishing stages adjacent to each other.

I helped Louis and the grandson to ‘tackle up’ and set the depth of the float / hook depth. A maggot was hooked and their lines were dropped in. Now it was my turn to get rigged up and wet a line.




No sooner had I turned my back than I heard that call that would haunt my entire day


I jumped to the grandsons aid. The line was taught , the pole tip was bouncing .

“ Lift the pole son “ I said.

Lucas lifted the pole so fast the poor fish was launched out of its watery home and into orbit , he is only 8 and its his first time fishing  . I quickly took charge and showed the grandson how to GENTLY lift the pole and bring the fish to the net.

Once netted I quickly unhooked the wee tiddler and showed it to Lucas and Louis. A lovely young Roach. Lucas was a happy boy. A quick release , a fresh maggot and his line was dipped back into the water. Almost immediately his float bobbed , swirled and then dipped below the murky waters.

“Gently but firm Lucas”

Up went his pole tip , line twitching and a flash of silver skimmed below the surface . Another Roach. Net , unhook , release , fresh maggot and line back in.

Two in as many minutes. The boys a natural. I turned to rigging my own gear.


Surely not ! Yep , pole tip twitching , line taught and a silver flash.

Now he was getting the hang of landing a fish. Pole tip raised to bring in the fish whilst I netted it , unhooked it and released it. The Grandson even had a go at baiting up. He needs a bit more practice at that .

Fresh bait and line back in.

For the next few hours the routine remained the same. The little man was on fire . Fish after fish succumbed to his bait and I unhooked  each one. Lunch time came and Louis and Lucas went for a bite to eat.

At last I got a line in the water. I watched my float tip  until my eyes hurt. The water swirled around my float  then I watched as the tip dipped and swirled then disappeared under the water. I struck  lifting the rod tip to feel resistance I had a fish on and it felt a good Un.

After a brief battle the fish came to my net. A beautiful roach of decent size. After quickly unhooking I slipped the fish back to its murky watery home , rebaited and cast again.

Almost immediately my float sank below the surface ,another fish on. This time a silvery bream of decent size was landed. And on it went the fish were on the boil.

As the sun progressed its heavenly path the fish backed off and the bites dried up  leaving me to watch the ghostly shadows of some magnificent carp as they cruised just below the surface whilst I indulged in contemplative roll up.

Oh how I wished to hook one of those beauties. Louis and Lucas returned from their repast and got their lines back in water. After a brief wait Louis was in. A brief fight and we landed a pristine perch. Louis next fish was another perch and a decent sized one at that  and he wanted to unhook it himself.

Now those that partake of the piscatorial pursuit will know that perch have spines along their back. As Louis lifted the fish from the net it decided to extend these spines straight into Louis palm. Oh how he cursed dear reader.

Once I had stopped laughing the fish was unhooked and returned to its murky home . Once again the grandson was into the fish. Bite after bite followed in quick succession interspersed with a few more for Louis , even I managed to land the odd fish or two .

All to soon it was time to pack up and head for home. Lucas was shattered but elated . Louis was  happy and contented and I was flagging but happy. Why is it repacking the kit into the car is never as easy the second time around.  Before we departed we had a quick beverage in the club house then set off for home three very happy anglers.

It was a very pleasant day and Lucas excelled on his first time out . Roll on the next time and maybe , just maybe , all the boys can make it  and , maybe just maybe , I can have a go for one of those big carp.

Who knows , dear reader , I might get a personnel best . Never say never  eh dear reader.

Well that’s all from me for now.

As I write this New years  is around the corner so have a  Happy and prosperous New Year


Cheers and as we anglers say

Tight Lines .