Terrus maxus

               Walther Terrus Maxus .22 Review
                              By The Ole Hedge Creeper

Well as many of you know I am a man of my word, if I shake your hand and look you in the eye you know what I am saying is the truth and that you can take that to the bank, I was brought up to be a gentleman of my word as my Pappy would say some times that is all you have, so your word must always be your bond even if you have to stand alone but stand up for what’s right etc, these lessons I always teach my children and indeed my young sports, so when I give something my thumbs up seal of approval or as it’s known The Ole Hedge Creepers thumbs up seal of approval then you know its passed my test.


Over the years I have been asked to review or help make some of the most well-known products on the field sports market, I tell you there are things you have got that you would not realize has had me field test them to bring you the finished products many of you use out in the hunting field.

Well last year I was asked to review the Walther Terrus, Armex sent me the gun and said put her through her paces out in the field really tell us what she can do, I fell in love with that old school style springer with a modern twist right from the very first shot, I am not much of a target shooter it floats other folks boats but not mine, the same goes for clay shooting what a waste of ammo and time as I cannot eat a target or a clay pigeon, but that said it does get your eye in from time to time and it’s good to get a lesson from a clay coach to make sure your shooting right, well that Terrus zeroed in within 5 shots and was knocking feral pigeon and corvid of soon after.


My review of that rifle went global overnight through my website (www.theolehedgecreeper.co.uk) and through the fields sports magazine I co-own and that’s The Countryman Diary,  you all know and love, we literally had hundreds of emails about it at the magazine were could they get this gun etc, also Armex had received some wonderful emails about me and my reviews from many people especially from The United States were I have a huge fan base, the Americans don’t take fools gladly that’s something I learn’t from my awesome times over there, so as my buddy would say, we say it how it is and will put a boot in your ass if you push us too far, I love it in the States I get on with the Americans so well they think like me say it how it is and have a brilliant sense of humor too, so getting emails from my fans over there really means a lot to this rough ole country boy for they let me know I am doing something right.


Armex called again and said we have a new gun out would you give it your once over and put her through an Ole Hedge Creeper test, well of course I will be happy too because if it does not live up to my test it’s not worth selling, you see its gotta do what it says on the tin, for if I say to you it’s worth parting with your hard earned money it’s got to work and work well, after all money does not grown trees so as I say my word is my bond.

The gun they asked me to review and test was none other than the revamped Walther Terrus Maxus kit, I was more excited than a pole cat faced with a rat, you see my Terrus I donated to a young man fighting cancer who was feeling really beat up and at his lowest point, I have known him since he was a little boy he had joined me shooting many times in the past and always said he wanted a Terrus, so with tears in my eyes for the boy I gave him mine and thankfully he has made a full recovery and is now in remission, so when they said I would be getting the new Terrus Maxus to play with I was as excited as kid on Christmas eve waiting for the delivery driver to turn up.11165320_835595333144895_1847210092230330582_n


I know fellow Countryman’s Diary writer JT has written a brilliant article about a day when he joined me and we had a hunt to remember on corvids and pigeons etc, and the day I only took the Terrus Maxus to go head to head with him armed with a Daystate PCP, let’s just say that little Walther Terrus punched way above her weight on that hunt with me behind the butt, I will leave that story for JT to tell in his article as he will affirm everything I say here and more about this sweet little gun.

The day the gun arrived my ole Dad was here waiting to join me on a vermin hunt, we had pigeons and corvids (crow family) causing problems and squirrels causing havoc at the grain mill and wood yard, I started off with a chronograph test after fitting the scope, it settles down to 11.86 ftlb that was more than enough to hunt small vermin with, and she zeroed in less than 10 shots putting pellet on top of pellet at 25 yards, already I was impressed as the rifle was accurate and quiet too with the Armex Moderator fitted to it, I did have to adjust the trigger ever so slightly but again with a tweak of a screw driver through the trigger guard had the trigger as smooth as silk.


Dad had a few shots on the target as a wood pigeon landed in the tree some 40 yards away, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so I took the gun cocked and loaded it with some Armex Air Streams and took aim with a touch of hold over and a touch windage I let rip, the distinct sound of the thwack of the pellet as it sailed true on target with a big puff of feathers as the pigeon dropped stone dead with a shot through its air sack to the heart and lungs, Dad said blimey that thing pack a punch as my smile grew wider, hello baby welcome home I said, already I was getting what I had come to expect from the Terrus.

Time to move to the grain mill and wood yard as we came round the corner Dad and his eagle eyes spotted a pair of squirrels high up in the old oak tree, Dad was after them like a terrier armed with his Walther RM8 as I tucked in next to a horse trailer to get a steady aim, Dad fired and missed as this big buck squirrel came round my side of the tree to hide from him, you see a squirrel will try to go to the opposite side of a tree to hide from you that’s why it’s always best to have a bold hunter to go after them and the other hunter stay still and be a sneaky beaky, that what I was by my horse trailer as the big buck squirrel watched dad he never knew I was there armed with the awesome Terrus Maxus .22.


I took a nice steady aim Dad froze the squirrel froze and I put the pellet just behind its eye, a perfect head shot from 25 yards away the sound of the pellet on target sounded like a cricket ball hitting a cricket bat as the big buck squirrel dropped stone dead, now for the other squirrel were had she gone as I put my eyes of a hawk to good use knowing she has laid flat on some high branch to stay unseen, but I saw her as the wind blew and her bush tail twitched in the wind, I signaled Dad to say there she was as he moved around the other side to try and get a better shot, the squirrel again did what they always do and move to the other side of the branch presenting me with a cracking shot, I squeezed off the shot and thwack again another perfect head shot from the Terrus Maxus as she fell stone dead into the log pile.

Dad went to pick the big buck squirrel up, this is where my Devil horns kicked in, those that know my ole dad know he is a real practical joker JT knows this only too well, so I snook up behind him as he bent down to pick the squirrel up I nipped his leg, he went up in the air like an old badger coming down growling read to fight, I got I got you I said it’s taken me 40 years but I got you, he just smiled and said good one boy yes you got me, we picked up the squirrels  and went over to pick the air rifle up from where we had placed them next to the log pile then continued our hunt.


You know we hunted corvids squirrels and pigeons and that sweet little gun never missed a beat, one thing I love about the Terrus is the safety catch it’s just like a shot gun catch to put on and off its that easy, so all in all a great gun, the kit comes with the gun the moderator the scope and some pellets and a sling for around £300 you can get the kit without the sling and pellets for a few quid cheaper but I say buy once cry once and you will have a brilliant hunting or target air rifle worth every penny, I had the .22 version as I like .22 but I am told the 177 version is just as nice, all guns can come in wood or synthetic too I believe, so if you’re going to buy one gun this year and you want a springer look at the Walther Terrus Maxus kit you won’t be disappointed.

Walther Terrus Maxus review by The Ole Hedge Creeper.