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Target sports

Well folks we have been in talks with a great group of guys form Target sports for recovering disabled.This will bring the skills of pass it on and the drive of TSRD into a whole new level.


Target Sports 4 Recovering disabilities was set up with equipment provided by the airgun industry in 2013 through sponsorships with various companies .We are dedicated in providing target sports to people recovering from poor physical or mental health and helping removing the stigma associated with disabilities in our sport, so far we have managed to access Groups who would not have had access to this Sport without our help.


Our aim is to provide an opportunity to the disabled to try our sport free of charge by gaining sponsorships and grants from sports for all and other associations alike as well as the airgun industry itself. We had a spectacular day on August the 7th 2013 the airgun industry sponsored event saw over 30 recovering disabled users enjoy a day of shooting .We have since had two mobile shooting ranges built with the purpose of traveling to various groups around the UK to give them the opportunity to enjoy our sport in a safe environment with fully trained range Marshall’s helping them every step of the way.


With the help from Robb Collins & Greg Willing at PASS-IT-ON as a whole what we aim to deliver will blow your minds and offer a lot more of fun filled activities threw out the year.

One of our users from last years event had this to say when he was asked how we had helped him,

I’ve been attending a few activities over the past few weeks that this team has been setting up to help us, and I can honestly say it has given me more self-confidence.

I am now able to go out and lead my own life whereas before I suffered from Agoraphobia this group has helped me with my self-confidence and self-esteem. Since joining I have proven to myself and to others that we can do this type of sport and enjoy it as well.

The new friends I have made have been fantastic I feel like a new person for having the chance to be involved in these type of sports.”


So with Help from you we can aim to deliver this same fun and activities to all of those that do not get the chance to be involved. Without your help this would not be possible Together we can remove stigma and inspire to enable more people to access the sport we all love and do.

Mike Bell, Director.


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