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Perils of modern day ferrets

For over 3000 years we have exploited the skills of the humble ferret but with the courtesy of modern society that’s built around celebrity’s the youth of today look up to these as a role models and seeing glam pictures of them holding ferrets as pets they get the “I want syndrome” with no thought of the animals needs.

I have recently rescued 2 such ferrets from the hands of a vegan that just couldn’t see the damage she had done based on a reality I cannot fathom out.

To have a belief of veganism is a personal choice to force the issue upon others is nothing more than ignorant but to force it on an obligate carnivore is nothing more than an absolute disgrace of which either the parents or education service needs to answer exactly what they teach the youth of today.
Despite being on deaths door and her lack of money to pay vets and ability to see the needs of the Jill’s (Jills are female ferrets Hobs are the boys) I paid her £20 for them signed them over to me and paid the vet to confirm my suspicion of urine track blockage and crystalized stones of the bladder which vet said I wish you luck but I don’t think the albino (The white ones) will make it..
With medication and a reasonably good knowledge of the needs I set out to do what I could for them which at times was touch ‘n’ go as both weighed in at just over 300grams each both being very weak and could hardly crawl.

Both the wife and myself spent an entire night syringe feeding the albino as she struggled to live and in the following morning she actually helped herself to solid food (mince beef) and after 3 weeks of nursing, feeding and quarantine they have both bounced back and latest weights are 597 grams and 560grams eating well, full of life and out of hospital cage and taken residence in with my castrated polecat hobs.

Its a happy ending for these 2 Jill’s but my concerns are how many other animals suffer at the hands of these fools and ask people to educate others.

They call us sick individuals for what we do and I’m an ex slaughter man, ex knackerman, a hunter, a pest controller BUT I also respect where respect is due to both man and beast but if I take a life I do it respectfully not in such a tortuous painful way that these so called animal loving vegan activist’s call…….compassion!

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