Storm in a tea cup.

Right for many being out in the wilds is a joy, Man or Women versus Mother Nature.

For some it is pure anguish the thoughts of living in with creepy crawlies and natures other wildlife drives people imagination to fear.

There are now a selection of folk called ( Glampers) Glamorous camping, taking all the mod cons of the decade from tablets and mobiles to even hairdryers and fridges just to live ” wild ” for a few days.


Then there are the die hard few that take nothing more than a knife or camp axe and a lot of skills in the bush.

Now we come to the smart ones taking a way to boil water so it’s safe and kill any pathogens in it. Be able to cook and keep warm all at the same time without worry about torching the environment to a charred remain.


These people have found the Kelly Kettle, the original back pack stove.Dating from around 1890 yes a long time ago Mr Kelly the great grandfather of the current family directors, its nice to see a family business still going strong.

A farmer and avid fisherman he was fed up with a cold day on the banks so went home and designed the now iconic kettle.


An iconic scene still seen nearly 130 years later.


I contacted Patrick the now co-owner asking to review this great product and he sent over the kettle, the pot stand frying pan and saucepan/ bowl.

And what a setup this is, the whole lot jack stacks into itself brilliantly and then fits into a heavy duty nylon carry bag.

The idea with the kettle is you can carry your own water if you will be going out where water might not be readily available or your only going for a walk in the woods or a shooting trip where stopping for a quick brew will do.

The kettle works like this, an outer layer is sealed around an inner layer, the water sits between the 2 layers


The fire is set in the bottom tray and the kettle is designed to sit on a lip on this tray as seen in the above image.

The fire hits the bottom of the kettle, but here is the magic the center of the kettle is hollow so acts as a chimney and heats the water around it as well so it takes just minutes to boil up.

Clever stuff hey….

The best bit is you face the hole in the fire tray to the wind for more heat or turn it around for less heat. and to feed the fire just drop small sticks down the chimney .Job done.

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The orange stopper serves several jobs, its a plug for when carrying water, as you take it out to boil and cook. the large wood handle is used to pour out the water and you use the chain to tip the kettle, and the best bit once you have boiled the water you can put the stopper in to keep it hot longer.

This thing is very clever. Ive added the pics of saucepan and frying pan and pot grabs, as well.


As it burns so hot and fast you get very little smoke, so very little disturbance to the natives, hence how I managed to take this green wood pecker.

Well I can honestly say if you don’t have one get one, they are easy to carry or stow away and a brilliant invention that still rocks today.

For around £65 it will see many years of hard use.And many years of great memories.


Kelly Kettles.