Stalking silence.

Now to most people this is what the term stalking refers to;


A man in drab colours out on a lonely hill hunting deer.

But there are many animals we stalk, from the mighty Deer to the wary rabbit, and many more in between.

Now I mainly hunt Rabbits for landowners and as many of you that know me, are well aware I wear shorts and tee shirts, most of the time, which is not wearing camo clothing and drab colours, i normally stick on a brown or green T-shirt and a camo jacket if the weather is bad but most of the time, it’s just the tee and shorts, now you have this image in your head,I can tell you from years out in the meadows that it’s not what you wear it’s what you do, many prey animals, deer,rabbits, pigeons naturally look out or up, but not on a diagonal.

Hence why a lot of deer stalkers opt for a static high seat or a shooting tower, as deer don’t associate it with danger. With rabbits they look up for birds of prey, and out for foxes and hunters, and pigeons well they just look everywhere,.

One thing they all have in common is eyes on the side of their heads, this offers them an almost 360 view of the world, but it has it’s drawbacks, they can’t see directly in front and behind, at short distances.

They notice movement rather than colour, and we can use that advantage to our gains, you see if you ghost through the woods you may notice, that deer will stop and look up, then suddenly move it’s head sideways and back to where it was, they do this as a security system,

Try this look around the area you are in and close your eyes, open them and you will expect to see everything where it was on the last look, deer use this to check if anything is moved.

This shows that deer at least have a mild photographic memory, using this system to check if a predator has moved. If you watch a fox or cat hunt it will lock onto it’s target and only move when the prey puts it’s head down or looks away,

So the deer uses this stalking tactic to help see if it’s being stalked, it’s a very clever plan, rabbits also do a similar thing by spinning round to face the other way to check if a possible threat has moved from where it was last seen.

Eyes front people.


As you will see prey has this all round vision.

wood pigeon

Very helpful if everything wants have you around for dinner.

But predators have forward facing eyes to see, including us as a species, take a look at the next few images all eyes are set in front to be able to focus for depth of view and distance 2 things which a hunter needs.





Now it is OK being able to see your quarry but getting to it is a whole new ball game so we as hunters use the power of propulsion, to launch a projectile down range to our target whether it be air rifle or 308 rifle.

You see we created a highly accurate system to deliver said projectile there, only one draw back its noisy, and the bigger the mass the more the bang, a sub12 ft lb, air rifle makes a loud crack but very little report, (The sound left after firing) so a moderator is not needed, hence why a lot of air rifles don’t come with a moderator fitted.

Now as you move up through the calibers you then require some form of noise suppression, this allows several things to happen, it allows the gas after the bullet has fired to disperse slower so you get less of an air crack, it also creates the impression the sound came from another locale, as the gases escape and port through the mod.

There is a cracking range of mods out there as many shooters will tell you, some like the extra weight they offer the for-end and some like them to help protect their hearing , so we were kindly sent some mods to try from one of the UK’s leading manufactures of these clever attachments.

Wildcat moderators are the down to earth experts on these add-ons to help the hunter.from the lightweight cub range to the mighty Predator series of moderators.And not forgetting the new kid on the block the Evolution model.

They spoke at length on the phone with regards what weapons I had in my armoury and after offering the Whisper in 22  for my new rimmy and the Evo for my 243, they needed to know a few things about the muzzle tread which on most rifles id half inch unf, but there are several threads being used on these, the most popular is 14#1 thread pitch, This is 14 turns per inch.

 The Whisper is an open end mod, and just slides down over the barrelpred3atubeset7Comprised of an outer and an insert the mod is a fantastic bit of kit, the baffles are deep purple anodized colour and the end cap is the same so even in the gun cabinet you can see at a glance which rifle you are grabbing.

Very handy if you have several guns the same.

20160110_155238 20160110_155258

The purple insert is actually the part that screws on to your muzzle and the outer is screwed on to this prior to fitting.The gases are actually directed back to the shooter so it sounds louder than it is, But hitting a steel plate at 50 yards you can hear the ding, very happily over the report.


My good friend Rob came out shooting the other night and had a few shots as I was packing the rest of the gear away, I was  stood 6 feet away, to the side I could not tell it was a rim fire going off, Yes we were using Fiocchi subs, but they still leave the barrel at 1065 fps, so un-moderated There’s a good sharp crack followed by the muzzle report, and normally things know you are about, but with the Whisper on its like a slightly noisy air rifle going off. and I’ve tried various other mods to silence the roar.

Sold at all good high street suppliers, and our very own shop The outpost, these retail at a very quite price of RRP £120.00.

Available in 17 HMR and 22 Rimmy, these womt let you down on the noise front or your back pocket.

Strip – Clean – Assemble – shoot., Wildcat to a tee

Click the above image to visit Wildcat. And have a chat with the lovely Alison.

Come back soon for the Evolution review.

The moderator of choice.

As used by the Ole Hedge Creeper himself.


Greg Willing.

Countryman’s Diary