Spring to it.

And here we have another round up from Danny.


On one of my permissions this car took of and landed on top of the railings…should of gone to spec-savers. Lucky nobody was hurt. And the groundsmen are concerned about rabbits digging up the ground, what about the cars…What’s the worst thing you’ve seen happen on your permissions???

What a cracking day, sunshine and warm temperatures again. A farmer friend of mine asked me to give him a hand tidy up and build some stuff for his kids and their friends so they can play in the wonderful outside. Looks like I will be sat around the camp fire telling them stories of the old days. Wild boar stew was waiting for me when I got home.

I decided it was time to check on one of my permissions yesterday afternoon as I haven’t been there over the winter months. With all the talk about rabbit diseases throughout the nations countryside it was time to see if there were any rabbits present.

What a beautiful sunny day, the birds were singing, it was great to hear their chorus. My resident pheasants were happily crowing and rooting around in the leaf litter. The local buzzards were up high and soaring around and around, crows and ravens were constantly calling. The green woodpeckers were constantly drumming in the trees, and laughing out load in between.


I had several wood-pigeons land up above my head in the trees but my rifle was zeroed for long distance shots. Even the bluebells were out and many other flowers were starting to make an appearance. Rabbit sign was everywhere. The minute I walked down into the field I saw a hare, it was following the hedgerow heading in the opposite direction. The landowner has been cutting all the dead wood of the vines and piling it up, I immediately saw a few rabbits run and hide under the huge pile of decaying branches.

This time it was purely a reconnaissance trip to gather information on the rabbit population and to plan further trips, and tactics. I picked a nice spot and just watched and listened, the sun was warm, and there was a cold breeze, it was blowing directly into my face. I had great tits and blue tits all around me and a lone dunnock was creeping unobtrusive along the lower branches of the fallen trees looking for a meal.

About 4:45pm I spotted a rabbit, it came out of the brambles and into the open, BANG one for the pot I thought to myself, straight away it was followed by two more chasing each other around in circles, BANG..BANG…both down. I decided to call it a day, because as the sun disappeared over the horizon it immediately felt cold and I had two more landowners to meet yet.

The landowner has been cutting the grass for me, it makes it easier to spot the rabbits and for shooting. We occasionally have meetings and I give him instructions on my shooting needs, he then gives me bottles of his famous wine.