Snappy Success

Snappy Targets Review.

Now just some times, somebody invents a really cool gadget or accessory, and you hear a few good things about it, then it fizzles out never to be seen again. Well sat in the office the other day we had a delivery turn up, with these strange looking wood cut outs.

What am I referring to, well snappy targets of course, these are the brain child of Si Foster a fellow air gunner form Wigan, UK.


Now as we all know, there is only so much paper target work we can shoot before boredom sets in, and then it’s looking for acorns, dandelion heads, or even grass blades. So Si, had a think about what would be a good fun way of bringing target practise and honing our skills to a pinnacle, so he had a word with a local laser cutting company, and created snappy Targets, available in many shapes from 8 inch round to a cricket bat shape, or even a rocket.

Made from 3 mm plywood, the simple yet fun idea, is you can shoot the lugs off them, or just test the accuracy of your rifle , in test I never had a re-bound, as every pellet goes straight through the ply very happily.


Screw them to a fence post, or onto the side of your range, or I found an even more challenging prop, by buying a kids garden windmill, and removing the blades, then hang the target of this. So it span around in the wind…

I’ve added a few pics, and a video.

They can be found here:

These being made from plywood, are 100% green to the environment. And great, great fun, and for only, a few pounds. And unlike some targets they are sold as a multipack.