Silk Moths Part 4.

Shooting The Silk Moth’s Part 4

Putting The Awesome Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporters to work

By The Ole Hedge Creeper

Blimey here we are in part 4 of Shooting The Silk Moths, I gave the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporters this name right from the start, since that very first article nothing has changed, they are still like shooting pure silk, sweet on the eye and in the shoulder, deadly accurate, reliable, whisper quiet, good shot count, with a totally humane strike on target, what more could you ask for from an English quality craftsmanship precision surgical tool, the fact that each model is so sweet on the eyes and as comfy as hugging a loved one in your shoulder is a bonus, I will admit it now, I am an Air Arms snob, although in my vast air rifle collection I have so many makes and models from Springers to PCPs and even CO2 models, my collection is vast, but nothing comes close to my beloved Air Arms Collection that started way back in 1989 with the Air Arms Carmargue, although my air rifle collection actually started in the early 1970s, its when I fell in love with the Air Arms rifles my passion really accelerated, you know none of their rifles have ever let me down in competition, practice or especially in the field where it matters most to me, so here we are part 4, come along on this journey with me as we head out to the field, with special guests joining me along the way, not just shooting but conservation too, as I guide you through the mists of time, feel the wind on your face, smell the rain and fresh cut crass, listen to nature and hear my voice tell you the tales of great adventures and more with the awesome Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sports.

We start out on a cold wet miserable night, I had been called out to deal with a rat infestation at a VIP clients venue, I decided it was a job for the Ultimate Sporter, NiteSite Eagle Dark Ops Combo mounted on my Primos trigger sticks that I got from Really Wild Adventures worth every penny too, I spotted the rats first with my Night Pearl Thermal Spotter, that spotter really is a game changer, I knew the rats were there, before the rats knew they were there, what I will, the Ultimate Sporters are as smooth as silk to cock with that side lever mechanism, each scaly tailed Ratticuss was taken as smooth as Galaxy Caramel as the TV advert says, I have gotten so good with my system now I literally shoot one handed from the sticks whilst spotting with the thermal with these awesome Air Rifles, I think the photos tell the best story here, so don’t forget to watch the slide show and the you tube videos attached below, my younger brother joined me on this job this night, it was his first time rat shooting and well what can I say he now wants an Air Arms S510 of his own now after using these.

The next job I was on was a forestry protection contract, this was purely proving how Conservation and Pest Control walking hand in hand, the problem here were the Grey Squirrels, not only were they destroying all our ancient native woodland and broad leaf trees, they were decimating our local song bird populations and ground nesting birds, stealing their eggs and young from the nests, even adult birds being taken, just look at the photo that is with this article, my nephew joined me as we built some squirrel proof bird boxes and then helped put them and put up, we have made a great many squirrel proof bird boxes over the years, we also on this day set all my humane cage traps from Katch It Traps, search for them on google they are a brilliant company to deal with and of the highest quality English Made traps, you know as I write they are all being used by all sorts of song birds, so for me and Young Jake that’s a happy time of conservation for all our hard work.

I have caught so many Grey Squirrels in my traps in this forestry plantation its really starting to make a difference to the whole eco system here, the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporters has played a huge part in the squirrel control here, they are my go to air rifle for precision pest control, as smooth as silk, sweet in the arms and on the eyes, deadly accurate packing a powerful humane strike on target, in this case the squirrels, I did use my old Air Arms S410 fac on this job too and took a cracking shot on a squirrel as I checked my traps, my apprentice could not believe his eyes as I taught him the finer points about precision marksmanship, again take a look at the photos, my smile says it all, Air Arms and The Ole Hedge Creeper, now that’s a winning combination right there, on the range, in competition or in the field where it matters most to me.

The next job was a huge conservation effort by a local conservation group, they have some waterways, ponds, rivers, streams etc, I was called in to deal with a huge rat infestation, again on this one my Brother joined me, well as soon as I said do you fancy joining me on a rat job, he nearly pulled my arm off, when, where, what time, I can do now if you want, I think he enjoyed the rat shooting on the other venue, I think his excitement said it all, oh and bring my Air Arms S510 will you, hmmmm I think he wants to claim my air rifle as his own, this time I decided to use the Air Arms TDR S510 a take down version of The Ultimate Sporter, my Brother wanted to use the black Ultimate Sporter from the other night, straight away I shot a rat with my NiteSite/TDR/Trigger sticks combo, although the rat dropped stone dead to a perfect head shot, the shot report was so quiet I had to check I had actually shot, those Air Arms Sound Moderators are the shizzle, we shot right from dusk till almost dawn and accounted for a huge pile of rats, the conservation group were over the moon with our efforts, even though several were against using lethal methods on the rats, after they saw how precise and humane we were several now want their own Air Arms air rifle to start shooting with.

Finally I was back out on the Forestry Conservation Contract, George my apprentice joined me with his Webley Sting Ray spring powered air rifle, he shot very well with that old gun in the hide in the pine plantation, but he was no match for me armed with an Ultimate Sporter, I also had Goose the cocker spaniel to retrieve for me, I do have a great video of shooting some tree rats with the trusty ole Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter, I hope it comes out on you tube OK, I could write a book just about the awesome Air Arms air rifles that have never let me down, especially where the metal meets the meat, if you are looking for just one air rifle to last a life time, look no further than the truly amazing Air Arms Ultimate Sporter, that’s one reason this gun has won best air rifle in the British Shooting Awards for the last three years running, you just cant improve on perfection, others try but fall very short every time, that’s my opinion anyway.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my humble scribbles, please keep the letters, emails, smoke signals and carrier pigeons coming in, I do personally try to answer every one of them, but some do slip past the cross hairs, until next time please stay safe and well one and all.

Remember Air Arms Simply The Best.

Shooting The Silk Moths part 4

By The Ole Hedge Creeper