Short Straw.

Its an ongoing thing between the ranks, it will kill us all off.


I’m referring to the many disciplines in “our world” and the rub between them, as you should know by now we at the Diary are about as PC as cavemen, and that’s how we bloody like it, we are also open minded enough to allow all branches of  “our world” in and that’s a rare thing to have in a mainstream media publication.

You see we have deer stalking, air rifle hunting, target shooting, practical shooting, vermin control, pheasant and partridge shooting and wild fowling, fox control and rabbit control, deer management and rats lots of greasy rats.

Fishing for trout and salmon, river fishing, lake fishing and sea fishing, ferrets and mink hunting, and falconry. all wanting a little but of light in the forest. Oh not forgetting pack hounds and running dogs and terriers and gun dogs in general.

So do we draw a line in the sand and shake hands or do we keep going as separate teeth in the wheels?

Or shall we keep ignoring each other and hope when one tooth dies we shall keep turning as before?

Oh maybe now they have ruled MARS loading illegal and dangerous they will see dead birds falling from the sky and deem it far to risky for us mere mortals to take part and ban it. Well after all, them pheasants do come down with a thump!

Or maybe they will create a bunch of physco vampire rabbits and we can no longer shoot them for fear of getting bitten and turning ourselves.

You see it sounds stupid but the powers that be and the jolly lot from the left, seem to want to stop everything we enjoy, for the sake of somebody else’s feelings. Maybe we all sell up our gear, rifles, shotguns,knives, clothing, dogs, vehicles, and the like and we shall all sit at home knitting with safety  needles made from soft rubber, for fear of getting one in the eye.

Or shall we stand and fight?

Oh you’re now  thinking to yourself it wont concern me, and pottering out once a week to shoot a rabbit or two for the BBQ, may i remind you  just look at how fast we ALL lost the use of the General License and the insuring chaos.

So I feel we all stand under the umbrella or some will get rather wet and cold.  For many of us its a hobby, granted a bloody expensive one but alas a hobby. to some its a job, where the bread and butter come in, and to many of us myself included its a passion and a way of life.

So I feel its time to make a stand. get behind a single like minded group and raise some hell.

There is a group for all of us, but they just want political gains, they when hunting with hounds became illegal stood there and watched , yes the may have “organized the march” but that was it.

Didn’t do much else to stand up for us.

Then there is the one most people seem to pay into, but yet again, we look around the corner and they are leaning on the stables having a cigar and a glass of port, chatting to a wee filly, when they advertised the top job spot it came with £100k a year and a company car, other perks and a house if needed to be closer to the office. Excuse me! Say what now, oh that’s where you yearly subs go.

I tell you where we all need to stand united and unconquered, its 2019 for crying out. I can email USA and Australia in 45 secs. Yet we can not arrange a single banner for all. If everybody stood under the umbrella imagine how big it would be, not just a few but all. Every single person, stood to be counted.

We see so many arguments on social media because Frank doesn’t like the way George does something, or Sid thinks the way Harry uses a catapult is wrong and down right shitty, yet  Harry is out all winter with his loader shooting birds being pushed to him.

So it makes no difference to one but it will to many.

Lets make a stand, before all we can do is stand in the corner twiddling our thumbs…


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