Seeing is Believing.

Well folks, the latest thing for nearly all hunters and some non hunters is a trail camera, these little boxes of tech do get to pass the bar when tech meets fun.

From private eyes to the worlds top hunters and even the BBC wildlife crews use these to capture images and video of animals and criminals alike.

From the high mountains looking for snow leopards to the suburban back garden watching next doors cat have a poo in your roses, they are quiet discreet and work 24/7.

With feature rich menus and options of 1 image or many and video they make a clever arsenal to any game bag,

The one on review is my own Bresser 10mp model, which will capture 1 to 3 images or video from 5 to 25 mins if needed.

taking JPEG images or AVI video footage its just the ticket to see what is going on when you are not there.

Coming with leads mounting straps and remote its an all in one kit.

The only thing I added to mine is a 5mm wire loop to lock it to a tree, stops  it being stolen.

Even the farmers cows like it.


Direct from the Bresser site these sell for around £100. sometimes a bit cheaper in Aldi’s or Lidl’s. But what a cracker, and with a 5 year warranty to boot.Heck I might get another one to see what the 1st is doing.