Scoping it all.



Accuracy Your first consideration in selecting pellets should be accuracy. Again, most of the accuracy in shooting comes from the shooter, but accuracy also depends on the projectile. Look for pellets that are bright when first opened, well-formed, and lack marks caused by the forming processes. There should be a consistency in weight, size, and shape from one pellet to another. Weight Pellet weight is an important consideration. Here are some things to consider: 1. Lighter pellets travel faster, giving a flatter trajectory 2. Heavier pellets have more energy downrange, but have a more pronounced trajectory.


Based on this information, lightweight pellets are best for beginners and close range hunting. Heavyweight pellets are best used in long range hunting by the experienced airgun hunter, as there is more skill required to put the pellet on target. Medium weight pellets like the JSB Exacts are a good compromise between the two, having good short to medium range energy and a relatively flat trajectory. Caliber Pellet caliber is important as well. Smaller calibers like the .177 and .22 are great for vermin hunting and pest control.


The best all-around hunting caliber in my opinion would be the .22, though many claim the .177 is better. TO BE VERY HONEST I USE A RANGE OF .177 , .22 , .25 calibers and these are all running and the same flbs and I use them all for hunting so no caliber in my thoughts is better than the other, they just have different uses. Please remember to ensure clean kills. pellets Round head- general purpose pellet a mix of flat and pointed, give good results in most barrels.


General hunting round Flat Head- paper punching or short range hunting, large energy transfer over a large area Pointed- used to break bone, headshots are commonplace with this type. Hollow point- used when a large amount of damage is needed, usually to soft tissue such as Heart and lungs.


I am still looking and working for the right combo of gun and scope each new gun and scope I collect they all shoot different a pellet that shoots great in one of your guns, could not work as well in another gun even though it could be the same. Spring assisted guns work well with light pellets. Pcp airguns work well with heavy pellets. Pcp also work well with lighter pellets also.


This is when the point of impact changes from light pellets to medium pellets and then heavy pellets this will alter your zero, so a re-zero will be needed to make sure your scope is working well, please don’t forget to make sure you clean your barrel every time you change pellets this will also help with accuracy and consistency everything you need for a good zero point of interest. The tech hunter