Royal Rumble

Regal V’s s510.

It has been well written many times, all about my love of the Air Arms guns, I love them all. As I have said before it started off way bay back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, with a simply brilliant gun called the Air Arms Camargue, and I did a lot of hunting with that gun.


So when I was asked by the magazine that is The Countryman’s Diary, what my thoughts were on modern PCP (pre charged pneumatic) air rifles, and in particular the Air Arms S510 and the Daystate Regal, I thought oh I can see a review with a difference coming on here.




Some may look at this as I have a biased approach, but NO! I always review everything impartial and give my honest and humble personal thoughts on everything, I test or review I must admit I could not wait to get out and have a bash with these two top Air Rifles, from two top gun manufacturers, I knew what to expect from an Air Arms, and I wasn’t disappointed as I know what I was getting, quality made precision engineering with a style I was accustom too. But the Daystate I knew nothing about and this intrigued me and fired a passion in me , like a mysterious lady in the desert at sundown in our camp at the oasis.


First, I fitted a couple of scopes, not good ones just a couple of spares that were knocking about the place, as I was waiting on a delivery from Deben/Hawke, of a couple of my favourite scopes available from the Deben Website. I just could not wait to get out hunting with these rifles, so I gave it a go with the spare scopes I already had, I also fitted both guns with the simply brilliant Hugget sound moderators these really are the shizzle and now use them on all my rifles.


I did a pellet test up with my ole mucker Air Gun Gear TV, if you have not seen his channel I recommend you take a look on, YouTube. I laugh and enjoy them every time I watch his channel, his wicked sense of humour and the way he presents the show just keeps me entertained, let alone all the amazing guns and gear he reviews and oh so much more.


Well the pellet test after zeroing with Air Arms Field Diablo pellets (in my opinion the best pellet there is.) I set up some of the Jack Pyke target cards at 25 yards and 50 yards with the wind crossing left to right. Now I know this is not the perfect way to do it, but I wanted to test it like out in the hunting field not like in range with no wind, etc. As out in the hunting fields you never get perfect conditions. Also, I don’t do a technical article I have said this before if you want all that technical stuff you can read it all else were a thousand times over.


My reviews are from the hunting field, where I am going to use it, and does it do what it says on the tin for me. I often find better results this way as what you do in a range it often won’t work out in the field, as everything can change in the blink of an eye and often does. Targets don’t move, but a pigeon or a rabbit’s head does and how long will a tree rat hang about for a shot not long I tell you.


The Air Arms S510 was in sub 12ft lb 177, and the Daystate Regal was in sub 12ft lb in 22.

I know you will say how is that equal, well in some ways yes, and some ways no, but I wanted to see what the 2 calibre’s in each gun could do head to head. I will say I was not disappointed, as both guns worked very well against each other. I have also tried it the other way round with a 177 Daystate V’s a 22 Air Arms and even pitted the S410 sub12 ft lb up against the Regal 22. The results were nothing in it at all, but for now I will write about the review in question as the results from all the tests I could write a book about.


As you can see from the target cards, there simply is nothing in it between the two guns.         And if I was out hunting, I would be happy with both guns as I know, they would both put a pigeon or rabbit in the bag, and I won’t be going hungry that night. Oh the pellet at the bottom of the Regal 25m card, was a miss-shaped pellet, I thought it looked a bit funny when I loaded it but kept it in to show how, you must keep your pellets in good order and that pellet drop proved the point so well. 


I then took the guns verminating on a farm, that was plagued all around its yards with wood pigeons, collard doves, corvids and rabbits with some rats for good measure. And put the guns to a hunting test on live quarry. The farm in particular was a haven for vermin and the poor farmer’s animal feeds, were getting smashed and costing the farm thousands in lost yields. This was also a perfect opportunity to see if these guns, really can do what it say’s on their tins…


I started off with the Daystate, as this is a rifle, I have never hunted with or knew much about. So this was a learning curve for me too, as both rifles feel and shoot ever so slightly different. I think of it like having two favourite pairs of slippers. And putting one from each set on, at the same time, even though they are comfortable they feel just a little different. And that for me it’s the same with guns.


As I snuck around the vast farmyard, and the outlying grain barns/mills and cattle sheds, with the Daystate Regal at the ready. I thought, you know this is quite a long gun and needed a sling. My first target was a wood pigeon sat on the end of a silage trailer letting his breakfast settle, so I lined up nice and slow, using a gate post to steady my shot. There was a light left to right wind and as the rifle was zeroed at 25m, and the pigeon a good 30m or so, away I had to give just a touch of hold over (aim high) and windage (aim into the wind) to be able to drop the pellet on the pigeon’s head.


As my Pappy, (grandfather) always taught me see the shot feel the shot, as I squeezed the trigger and the rifle made a very quiet pheeeeeewt. That’s one thing I will say about these Hugget Mods they really are quiet, even on my FAC Air Arms S410, and they don’t disturb the entire area of it’s quarry, that is a massive bonus as a hunter. I can see the shot in slow motion now as I write this, and remember seeing the pellet go out of scope, and back in and strike the pigeon perfectly in the head.


The pigeon lifting off in slow motion, flapping at the pellet strike, with a puff of feathers and that shock wave running right through it. If I had a camera rolling that would of made some impressive footage. Also, how quite all this was a magpie popped up on a tyre, on the muck pit, to see what was going on and some fast shooting from me, quickly reloading the Regal and getting on target, put a magpie in the bag too. Alas, I could not retrieve it as it was floating out in the muck, after me knocking it back a few feet off of the tyre deep into the muck pit…



I thought to myself this Daystate regal packs a mighty punch, and is very sweet to hunt, and I was satisfied with it so far. Now it was the turn of The Air Arms S510, so I stalked stealthily back to my truck to get the other gun. On the way back a rat presented itself to the Regal, and well lets just say that big sow rat sat feeding on my farmers grain never knew what hit it.


Back at the truck, I boxed up the Regal, and got the Air Arms out but not before the farm workers all came over, to have a look at what I was using today, and loved the look of both guns. Right time for another stalk about, and well it was like stalking with an old family friend, as the Air Arms just felt at home in my hands and this was for no more reason than spending a long time using them.


I first saw a magpie, sat high up on the end of the barn, some 50m away. Using a metal rail going over a drinking trough to steady my aim, I had to allow for a reasonable wind coming from right to left, and about a mil dot and a half hold over, and squeezed off the trigger.    The distinct pheeeeeewt of the Air Arms through, the Hugget sound mod was like music to my ears, with the pellet sailing true and striking the magpie, at the base of the neck as it dropped like a stone off of the barn roof.


I went over to retrieve it, but it had fallen deep inside a massive bramble bush, so I could not reach it. I decided I needed a coffee, so I went back to the truck, and sat in there with the Air Arms out of the truck window, covering a silage pit, some 30m away while I drank my coffee and had a breakfast bar. As always I call this playing my joker, how often to you open your flask or lunch box whilst out shooting, and everything comes out to play.


This time was no exception, as a flock of Collard Doves descended upon the pit, right in front of me, so I put my coffee down, and sat forward and watched for the best shot.                  The first on sat perfect, right at the bottom of the silage, I lined up straight at it, and squeezed the trigger. It folded on the spot and gave a little twitch, the others just looked at it, so I lined up another target, 2m to the right squeezed off the shot, phweeeeet and this gave a back flip spooking all the other doves, and they flew of startled. I retrieved the birds and took some pics of both rifle and my kills that I could retrieve.


A few day’s later, Chris a shooting buddy of mine, came over, and I fitted the Hawk Scope’s on both rifles, and that coupled with The Hugget Sound Moderators fitted too both guns.      I actually think, I may have found, the perfect hunting combo of a life time Either Air Arms S510 Hugget Hawk combo or Daystate Hugget Hawk combo is quite simply awesome.


My final words, on these two amazing., guns from two brilliant gun makers, they are both as sweet to the eye as they are to shoot. Both smooth as silk and deadly accurate, and if I had never owned a PCP air rifle, I would not be disappointed to have in my gun cabinet, an Air Arms or Daystate. But My love for the Air Arms is still as strong, so for my own personal preference and nothing else, I would choose and Air Arms first as they fit me like my favourite slippers.


I have not been paid to say any of this, and this review is just my personal humble opinion, of two brilliant no, awesome air rifle combos, that I put together. If you would like The Ole Hedge Creeper to review your product please drop me a line either through:The ole hedge creeper. or The Diary. and I will be only too happy to give it the ole once over country boy style.


Please keep the sea of wonderful emails and letters coming in as we try our very best to get back to you all personally.



Air Arms S510 V Daystate Regal Review.



By The Ole Hedge Creeper

Aka: Rob Collins