Roe hunt Spain

Roebucks  in Spain
By Fernando Mollinedo


The familiar sound of a barking dog broke the silence of the tranquil spring evening, it came from the woods directly behind me. Suddenly another bark answered the call, this time the sound came from my left, then another from across the meadow directly in front of me. These weren’t dogs, they were barking roe deer. As an American hunter familiar with the grunting of a white-tail deer I had never heard a deer bark before that evening.


My guide, Augusto, tapped me on the shoulder and pointed straight away to a group of deer that had just come out to feed in the meadow. It was a young buck with a couple of does, I watched them come out to feed and slowly separate from each other. Sitting atop a small hill overlooking the meadow, I sat there scanning the country with my binoculars when a nice buck appeared out of nowhere, like a ghost.

Augusto glassed him and in a matter of seconds field judged him, he whispered to me “es bueno, es muy bueno.” it was a dandy buck, he calmly whispered to me if you like him take him. I settled in the prone position but in a matter of seconds the buck was on the move, now hidden behind a patch of tall grass. I didn’t want to take a bad shot so I waited for him to walk out the other side. I waited for what seemed like an eternity but the buck disappeared as quickly as he had appeared only minutes before.

It was getting late and time was running out. With the sun beginning to dip over the hills and darkness quickly approaching we decided to pack up and try again the next day. I bent over to grab my gear and as I strapped my pack on my shoulders I saw a young buck standing directly in front of me, not more than 70 yards. We stared at each other for a few seconds then looking away he began to bark.

He was answered immediately from the woods on the far side of the meadow, it was the big buck that we had seen earlier. The deep guttural voice coming from the woods made it clear that this was the dominant buck and he didn’t take kindly to the young whipper snapper encroaching on his territory. The peace and quiet of the evening was momentarily disturbed as these two bucks talked trash to each as the youngster challenged the old timer’s supremacy.

We stood there enjoying the show expecting the older buck to come out and chase away the young upstart. Eventually, we watched as the younger buck, wishing not to tangle with the old man, left rather hastily. My first roe deer hunt ended without firing a shot but that didn’t bother me since it meant I would spend another day in the woods hunting these wonderful creatures.

The next afternoon we packed our gear in the Jeep and headed to the hunting grounds and along the way we talked about what an incredible evening we had enjoyed the day before. It was overcast with mild temperatures and no wind, I had a feeling the deer would be out earlier today and felt confident that we would get it done this afternoon. No sooner had we pulled onto the dirt road of the property when I spotted a buck walking across the field uphill towards the woods. Augusto slammed on the brakes stopping the Jeep in its tracks, he looked through the binoculars and gave me the thumbs up. I took a quick look and saw that the buck was indeed a shooter. Grabbing the gun I jumped out of the jeep and chambered a round; resting my pack on a dirt mound I steadied my rifle and settled the cross-hairs just behind the buck’s shoulder. Augusto put the range finder on him he was about 215 yards away. The buck had his head down browsing on fresh grass, I took a deep breath, let it out and waited for the buck to raise his head. The.30-06 Blaser roared and  as I looked through the scope I saw my buck on the ground, he had dropped where he stood. Moments later I found myself kneeling beside the buck admiring his beauty and grateful that I had taken such a fine animal, my first roebuck!

Augusto congratulated me and seemed even more excited than I, all the while saying what a great shot it was.

This was my first hunt since moving to Spain nine months earlier. Having lived in South Florida for the better part of my life I was used to being knee deep in muck in the Everglades hunting alligators and shooting ducks, but these days I’m walking the fields and woods of Castille chasing deer, wild hogs and the rabbits that are so abundant in this region. I met Augusto Rodrigo by chance at the annual farm equipment fair in Lerma, where I live. We got to talking about hunting and he invited me on a hunt, and a few days later we were stalking deer on his property.

Since that first hunt I have had the pleasure of joining him on numerous occasions stalking deer and chasing wild hogs. Mr. Rodrigo, a native of Burgos, has been hunting the woods of northern Spain all his life and his knowledge of the country and the game is exceptional. However, what really impressed me is his love of hunting and his passion to share this love of the sport and appreciation of the wildlife with others.

One of the most rewarding things about the sport of hunting is that along the way you get to meet great people and strike long lasting friendships rooted in a bond that transcends borders and cultures. In essence we are blood brothers united in our love of the wild and our quest for adventure. Since that first hunt what started out as an outfitter client relationship has developed into a friendship based on our mutual love for hunting.

Spain has a lot to offer the sportsman, with an amazing variety of big game animals and hunting traditions that are centuries old, there is something for even the most discerning hunter, whether it’s stalking the cunning roe deer in open fields or climbing the peaks in search of the monarch of the mountains—the Ibex.

My friend Augusto manages several properties in the region of Burgos—an area known for a high population of roe deer with outstanding trophies, among the best in Spain. As a .lifelong hunter who has experience hunting throughout Spain, Europe and in Africa, he has also been organizing African safaris from Spain for years now.

I have been hunting many years in the states, pursuing alligators in the swamps of Florida, pheasants in the heartland of Kansas and the white-tail deer in the woods of Georgia. As an avid hunter myself, I am very eager to share the great hunting opportunities that Spain has to offer with other hunters from across the world. Together, Augusto and I have teamed up to offer our services to the worldwide hunter. Specializing in trophy roebucks in Northern Spain, we have networked with hunters and property owners to offer some of the best Ibex hunting in the world famous Beceite region—where the biggest Ibex of the Iberian peninsula can be found. Along with Ibex and roe deer we also offer hunts for other species of big game such as the beautiful fallow deer, red deer, Mouflon sheep and wild boar. Whether you prefer spot and stalk hunting, still hunting, wing shooting, small game or the classic fast paced driven Spanish hunts, known as monterías, we can tailor a hunting package to suit your style. No matter what game you care to pursue rest assured that you will be treated like a friend with the peace of mind that we speak your language.

A great hunting experience combined with excellent accommodations, outstanding food and a beautiful country rich in history and culture are the ingredients to make this your trip of a lifetime. Let us help you make your dreams come true.

Come hunt with us in Spain!

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