RM8 Field test.



Hello again ladies and gents it’s JT again.


So this time I’m just about to tell you about my experience with a relatively new air rifle on the market it was released by Walther in 2015 and it’s called the Walther RM8 I think the look of this rifle is great it’s a fair old weight but shoulders very well. Its loading mechanism is based on the air magnum 850 but being an 88gram co2 model Walther saw a place in the market for a PCP rifle and that’s exactly what the RM8 is. It has an 8 shot magazine and comes with a 400cc bottle providing you plenty of shots on any type of hunting foray of day plinking at the range.

so when my good friend Rob Collins offered me and my father a chance to go and help him on one of his permission taking a hitting by feral in his barns and mentioned he’d be bring his own RM8 for me to use I jumped at the chance.

I finished work and picked my father up and we met Rob on the farm and quickly got to work I’d placed myself next to old unused feeding trough while Rob and my dad walked around to the other side of the farm to see if they could catch anything flighting into barns at the opposite end.

So tucked in nicely I sat waiting for just a few minutes before my first opportunity presented itself a feral pigeon flew into the tree just to my right hand side as I turned to take aim the pigeon saw me and that was it took flight at this time I may add I may have just let a few colorful words slip and thought I’d blown my chance with that one to my surprise it circled back around and pitched upon the barn to my left had it actually seen me?? Surely if it had seen me it wouldn’t have come back??


Anyway this time I wasn’t going to make the mistake of turning right around and possibly spooking the bird I shouldered the gun and put the crosshairs on said pigeons head well the gun whispered delivering the pellet with a nice confirming “thud” outright dead it tumble off the roof and lay still on the floor. wow how quiet is this rifle I thought I may have forget to add that this particular rifle is combined with a Hugget silencer now these moderators are definitely a cracking bit of kit and combined with the RM8 deadly is I’d just found out.

So with one in the bag went and picked it up and decided that I’d go and sit tight when I previously sat hoping the same would happen. on walking back something caught my eye now if you’ve shot before you will know where I’m coming from you don’t know what made you look that way or even why but you did and now your frozen trying to work out what you’ve seen move in the trees so as I scanned through the branches with nothing showing its self I decide to carry on a few more steps and there he is running along the lower branches periodically stopping for a moment to check out the route the run in the meantime on one of these stops resulted in this particular squirrel taking his last breath. So two in the bag for the RM8.every time I pull the trigger of the gun I love it more!


So the last hr. or so of daylight I and the RM8 account for 3 more ferals landing on the barn roof. When Rob and dad walked up the track to me and saw the 4 ferals and the squirrel Rob proceeding to comment you’ve seemed to do well with that gun I told you how good it was didn’t I? my reply was it’s awesome I’ve shot many pcps in my time but I can honestly say that this is in my radar and once you shoot I’m sure it will be in your sights to purchase as well. If you are in the position to want to check one of these guns out and possibly purchase please do get in contact with really wild adventures they will help you choose a package suited just for you and also make one hell of a cuppa!


Until next time ladies and gents.