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The Stalk,the Thought

Early Saturday morning a member of my Wiltshire Deer Stalking group Chev Dewis drove all the way from Rugby in Warwickshire to Wiltshire to accompany me on a morning stalk.
Having left Rugby at 1am, Chev finally arrived just before 4am. We drove up to my stalking ground and immediately spotted a fox cub. I asked Chev if he wanted to shoot it and he dropped it around the 100m mark. We walked towards where we both saw it drop but after walking round for a good 20 minutes looking for the body, could find nothing!
Chev was then starting to worry that our eyes had deceived us and that he had only clipped it. This then made him wonder about the zero on his Howa.
We cracked on and soon saw a Roe Buck. He saw us and turned tail and ran, barking like mad, making sure any other deer in the vicinity knew we were about too!
The next buck we spotted was a cracker. We stalked right up to it but every time Chev took aim, he moved off again. Eventually he stopped long enough for Chev to have a perfect shot. Unfortunately, in the back of his mind was the worry that his rifle wasn’t zeroed perfectly so he decided against pulling the trigger, put the gun down and enjoyed watching the buck amble into the next field.
We then decided to call it a day and headed back towards the Landrover. As we approached, what did we see?? The fox cub that Chev had shot earlier, right where we both saw it drop!
Unbelievably neither of us had seen it when scanning the area earlier!
The little bugger had cost Chev his Roe Buck by putting doubt in his mind about the rifle being zeroed.
He took it well though and really seemed to enjoy the experience, leaving with a great story to tell and booking another morning session with me in a few weeks’ time.

For more info contact Lee.

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