Manger Danger !


Right folks this letter comes from a hunter, who had a very lucky escape whilst out foxing.

You have now been warned of one of lamping’s dangers.

By Mal Mason.


While on a shooting trip in welshpool, with Shooting partner Lez Acko.

We decided to cut through a Field filled with young cattle and an older beast.This older animal was all black.

I always have a scan round any field were about to walk first, and all seemed ok to go on between the cows, like so many times before with no dramas, this time the large cow stood it’s ground and looked right at us but seemed ok, as we walked along side her.

All of a sudden she came at me like a train and I put my Shooting stick up in an attempt to stop her but she kept coming and hit me side on and spun me around my  un-loaded rifle was thrown from my shoulder and I ended up in a heap on the floor, and as I look around to Lez he was in the air as the cow hit him and lifted him like a rag doll and Lez isn’t the smallest of lads either.

I shouted across to him was he ok because by this time I was over the fence out of the cows way in-case she came back for another shot at myself or Lez, after a few seconds Lez was on his feet looking for his hat and head light that had been knocked off in the bashing, as we checked our selves over and of course my rifle. But we survived but looking back it could have been so different and one or both of us could have been killed!

The funny thing about it was just before we left the car we had a cheese sandwich and when Lez finally came across to me after getting up he turned to me and said,”What kind of cheese was that.”  HaHa that just made us both laugh about it, but like I said it could have been very different, I never usually bother too much about cows but from now on great respect and awareness will be taken before entering cow fields and if possible avoiding them will be the choice I think…


So there you have it folks lucky for these boys the cow only wanted to make a point, and because they put safety 1st, there rifle was unloaded. Stay safe at all times when out. and more care at night.