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Now a year old, Firearms UK Associations is a relatively new organization whose primary objectives are to encourage greater unity and positive action within the shooting community and to defend and promote firearms ownership and the shooting sports. Irrespective of your chosen discipline, you have our support. We trace our origins back to the “No to air gun licensing in Scotland” campaign and we continue to build upon the momentum that campaign achieved by working to create further unity and strengthen ties between disciplines and individuals.

We see all shooters as a large community, a community that is diverse and broad in its tastes, this is a clear strength and should be seen as such; however, this strength is undermined by those who would rather sow division than mutual support. Divided and fractured we, as a community would both suffer in our capacity to defend against future threats to individual disciplines and the sport as a whole and worse still we may potentially be putting off those we should be appealing to the most; the young and beginners.

Our latest initiative, the Unity campaign further demonstrates the importance we place on mutual support and inter-cooperation. The campaign itself began with an official e-petition launched on 20th March and seeks to re-establish the discipline of .22 target pistol shooting within England, Wales and Scotland.

We appreciate that .22 rim fire pistols are not of interest to everybody but if the shooting community can successfully stand in solidarity on this issue it will pave the way for further positive changes to other areas of firearms ownership in the future.

The shooting community numbers around 850,000 people in the UK with SGC/FACs and up to 4,000,000 if we include airguns and others with an interest in shooting. A united community of this size dedicated to safe guarding our sports would put us in a much stronger position. Full details of the Unity campaign can be found on our website.HERE:

Firearms UK is a non-membership organization which is ran and developed by a team of volunteers. The team behind Firearms UK itself covers a diverse range of backgrounds and demographics, helping us to dispel the stereotype of firearms owners and shooters. The team participate directly in a variety of disciplines including clay pigeon, gallery rifle, air rifle and game shooting.


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