An eye for an eye

An eye for an eye

One of our readers is very busy, this time of year protecting his farmers new flock, of lambs.


Last night’s dog fox has put me in a very good mood indeed.

I shot the vixen some 5 nights ago, and have been going back every night since to try and this sly ole lamb thief, last night it was a bit on the windy side, but I went out anyway, I had seen the farmer throughout the day and he said he had left a few dead lambs out so Mr Fox was probably out after them.

So after he had finished taking the mickey out of me, about me needing a straight barrel on my rifle, I told him I would have a look later on that evening whilst on my stock protection rounds.

So around 8:30pm I parked up in the gateway to one of the farmers’ fields, this field was the start of about a 30 acre block of small fields, after further investigation this proved to be all quiet on the home front.
So rather then start calling here and possibly spooking this area I decided to go elsewhere for an hour or so and try my luck, and come back here later.
I did not see anything else whilst on my rounds, so went back to where I had started.


The decision was made to walk in this time and have a good look around; I thought a change of angle would produce some eye shine? But still nothing.
Walking back to the Land rover a lamb starts shouting it’s head off, not too far from me, I think he wanted his tea so, knowing nothing works better than the natural call of a lamb to a lamb killing Charlie fox.
I decided I would just stand there for a min or two as I flicked the lamp on for a quick shine around, not 3 fields away two foxes were bolting straight at me to the calling of this lone lamb!
Blind panic sets in I’m in totally the wrong place for any kind of safe shot so decided to back track and walk back across the first field so a safer shot could be taken.


This position also put me out of the way of the sheep to my left and the farm house and buildings, once I had got to the gateway to my surprise.
Mr Fox was no more than 40 yards in front of me.
At this point I was thinking that I had missed my chance once again, I walked 10 yards up from the gate set the bi-pod up and lay down against the hedge where it was a bit darker.
As it was a fairly bright night I turned the NM800 red demon on, and there he was 90 yards in front of me just about to go back the way he had come.
As I looked through my scope the Swarovski 8×56 was as clear as day, I could  see it is Mr fox the lamb thief with no problem at all.

A 50grain Norma in .223 did its job; he was stone dead before he hit the ground. Knowing there was a second fox in the area, I sat tight for 10 to 15 minutes hoping it would show its head somewhere in the field, but alas it never did, bagging this sly old lamb thieving Charlie fox this is all thanks to one lamb shouting for his tea.
Natural calls really are the best nothing beats the real thing, and always have one last look around behind you before leaving an area, and if there’s lambs shouting just give it 5 minutes and see what happens you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…


Hoping more luck to Lee getting the rest of the lamb killers..