Raising The Game.

By The Ole Hedge Creeper

Well here we are on lock down after the PM announced it last night over this C19 Virus, its our own fault, many people flaunted the government advice and just plain ignored it, so those Sheeple that flocked together you have nobody else to blame but yourselves, the same as all the selfish panic buyers stripping the shops etc, you all have to stay calm, listen to the advice given and stick to to it, then and only then can we get through this, Hitler didn’t beat us neither will this we just have to do as we are told, so STAY AT HOME and be safe and well or you will spread this ghastly virus.

Rant over its been a busy few months here at The Ole Hedge Creepers Cabin in the woods, so much has gone on, getting ready for shows The British Shooting Show was awesome, alas we are shut down for the moment but we will rebuild regroup and stand again as always, as the old saying goes these British Colours do not run, my Young Sports Ambassador’s programme has been a huge success as we hit 2020 on the front foot moving forward as always, my Young Sports Ambassador’s are hand picked after working very hard for a minimum of 12 months to earn their places, they also have to keep working hard to stay on my Ambassador programme and be an inspirational shining light to their fellow Young Sports and indeed each other, as I always say they are representing me directly and the Pass It On Young Sports organisation too.

I am very proud of each and everyone of them, especially young sports Ambassador George, he has left school graduated with honours and is now training to be a brilliant chef under the wing of another amazing chef and an old school friend of mine, George is soon to graduate from my Young Ambassador programme as he will turn 18 very soon, but he has lead his Younger Ambassador’s with great honour/passion/sportsmanship with conservation at his core, oh wow can that boy cook too, so we wish him well and hope he keeps his passion for Hunting/shooting/Fishing/Cookery with conservation at his core.

I have also been trying out some awesome new kit from my chums over at Jack Pyke, I will just tell you of one bit for now as some of the other gear is featuring in another article and on a TV add I have done, I have been using the awesome new Digi Cammo soft shell Jacket from Jack Pyke, I must say its warm comfy and well thought out, it keeps you well concealed too in the British Countryside, click on the Jacket details photo its a web-link to Jack Pyke for a full spec of the jacket and to find your nearest stockist, I telle muckers its worth every penny I love mine, I have used it for everything from rabbit shooting, roost shooting and even deer stalking, its also silent unlike others I have tried from other leading brands, as I always say buy British and buy the Best and for me that is the Jack Pyke Brand.

I have also recently signed up with Eley Out Doors as their UK Brand Ambassador, again click on my photo its a picture link it will take you to the Eley website where you will be able to sign up follow my story, come with me on this journey learn some new things, ask me or the rest of the team for advice or even pass on your knowledge too us, Eley has great ethics as they share my passion for conservation being at its core, its ammunition is in my opinion simply the very best for out in the field or on the range or in competition, I have found it to be very reliable, pin point accurate with a humane deadly punch on target for all my Professional Poison Free Pest control where I have had to use a 22 rimfire, follow my other articles over at The Countryman’s Diary Magazine or indeed over at The Eley Out Doors website and TV Channel etc, I have been using Eley ammunition since I was a Boy as many of us have, I can honestly say hand on heart it has never let me down, or indeed if it did perform under par Eley were right there to listen, give advice or find out what was going wrong.

You know my Pappy (grandfather) always said every day is a school day, you could live to be 101 years old and still not have enough knowledge and he was right too, just recently I was at my rifle range when the club secretary and indeed the owner posed a question to me, they were having miss fires in several of their guns using different Eley ammunition, when I say miss fires its what many of us call a dead man’s click, the strike on the case was well good as was pointed out to me, I contacted Eley the very next morning and Michael Atkinson (brand manager) he came straight back to with the answer, by golly he was right it was not the ammunition at all it was the guns, I wont bore you with the technical side of this but lets just say a properly cleaned and serviced gun was what was needed, if you would like to know more about this drop Eley a line through their website or on the picture link of me above, I will add their website to the bottom of this article too so its easy for you to drop them a line, I am told they make a bullet casing with a thicker rim for just occasions too, I am a Hunter/Countryman so I don’t do much target shooting but I am told it can be a common thing with target rifles that are poorly serviced or indeed cleaned correctly, like I say every day is a school day.

I entitled this article Raising the Game, I believe we are doing just this by using The Best of British Starting With Jack Pyke, NiteSite and indeed Eley Out Doors to name just a few, over the coming months as soon as we are able to get out in the field after we come through this ghastly C19 fiasco, I will bring you some truly inspirational articles and indeed footage using The Very Best Of British with my Young sports Ambassador’s and out on my Professional Poison free Pest Control rounds and more.

Until next time everyone please do as you are told, stay home, stay safe and stay well.

Raising The Game

By The Ole Hedge Creepers