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Polling Time

We are seeing an increase of people out shooting in the uk, but not seeing an increase in the stand up and be counted, not once but several times recently I have seen members of groups, that wont even post anything hunting or shooting related on their personal walls for fear of backlash, I alway thought being a shooter/hunter was something to be proud of.

Please take 30 seconds to fill in the poll. results will be published soon.

The Diary Team.


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Future of shooting

  • We will carry on. Always have always will. - 8
  • Its all over now. To much hassle. - 0
  • We are only as strong as our collective. - 3
  • Give it 25-50 years it will be outlawed. - 1
  • We need more people brought in to stand and be counted - 3
  • The big parties need to do more to fight for us. - 5
  • I only do it while my friends do. - 0
  • I'm just doing my own thing. - 2

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