Photon XT.

Photon XT 6.5 x 50.


Now those who hunt among us like a few things to complement our hardware, from a good moderator to a bi-pod or a sling, maybe an upgraded magazine or maybe a rare item or camo dipped stock.

Well I like it all, but like to find a balance from all the gadgets we have a moderator does its job, some more than others, same as a bi-pod or sling, camo finish looks better to the beholder more than the quarry will ever notice (hopefully).

But there is one thing everybody will need and that’s some glass to see through, from a basic 4×32 to the daddy an 8×56 S&B.


So I called our good friends at Solware and asked if Carl could loan a unit for review, as I had heard good things about this simple yet great scope. A few days later the postie brought a very nice package for us to review.

So I would like to introduce you to a piece of tech you can use day and night the Yukon Photon XT 6.5 x 50-s.

Now I like this simple yet well thought out model, from 3 colour choices of red, green, and white, to 6 reticle choices. So a combination of 18 options just for lining up you target.

So I attached it on to my 22lr and got started on zeroing the XT, now this is a plain and simple as it comes. It’s a case of X’ and Y’ coordinates and you fire a couple of shots then move the cross hair to the holes, then fire another shot and fine tune the scope, with this in mind I was hitting the mark in 8 shots at 50 yards, and then settled into looking at this nice scope and it features.

As I said there are 18 reticle options, the current scopes have, the old 30/30 has been replaced with a nice mill dot display, as customers asked for it. Well done Yukon.


And the colours are as follows.


So we now have myself shooting at 50 yards on a brand new scope, impressed to say the least the guys at Solware said I would like it.

I found the scope to be easy to use and great even in the daytime; I choose a bright sunny day and could see the X-hairs very well. The scope is switched on via a button to the rear of the ir light, and then it’s a case of 3 light levels to choose from or no light at all. Or using the optional, weaver block to mount you’re own light source, as we did in the video using the NM400ir.

Now the menu button is on the side and another simple operation of push for 5 to gain the menu and push for 5 to close, this scope is really growing on me.


So we have a lens cap on the front of the objective lens, why I hear you ask? Well the sensor inside the scope is very sensitive to light, Now me being me tested this and looking through the pin hole under daylight it was great, a hole no bigger than a small tack nail that lets in enough light for the scope to work during the day. But there might be that one time the cap gets knocked open, so I opened the cap to see how the scope would handle it…

And the image washed out, the picture turned a ghostly white and the cross hairs faded to nearly not visible and so I closed the cap, and within 10 secs it was back to its happy self. Now Generation grade Night vision would of fried the cathode inside but as the XT is a digital scope it was fine.


So I took it out in the field a few times as it was during the summer hols and kids come first, and had mixed success, 50 to 80 yards was easy to spot rabbits, that big ole 50mm front lens does a good job, after that it was getting hard to fully Id quarry, so I had a bright idea, on my Nm400 I have the new adjustable weaver mount and boy what a difference, clear view out to 150 yards. In the video you will see me shooting a target set at 100 yards. And it was clear as a bell.


Now Dave that came and gave me a hand for the video was very impressed with the unit, this Is an old school hunter, nice glass on board his stalking rifles and that does him, and he still uses a lamp for foxes, he had a play on the XT and I could see the smile starting on his face even in the dark.

Now if it can impress an old school hunter that says a lot!


I will say the same as Dave did, The scope could benefit from a variable ir source, not just staged, like its own ir or the nm400, maybe a system like the new NiteSite range has little knob and twist to gain the ir light.


The other thing we found was the mounting system that 30mm tube is only from the rear of the internals to the focus collar, so it’s a bit limited with normal dove tails. If you had a full weaver rail it would be better.



Plus points I have already talked about.

Nice weight ratio on the scope.

Clear view, when using a good ir source.

Nice reticle options.

Carry bag.

Good clear instructions.

6.5 X mag and 50mm objective lens.

Runs from 2 AA batteries.

Weight 680 grams just over a pound.




And the price £ 419.00 direct from Solware and as a diary member you can claim your discount from the guys.

Many thanks to, Carl and the team for the loan unit. Think it’s time to save my pennies up.

I like the XT a lot, and will hopefully be adding it to the armoury in the near future.