Passing the buck – Nope its not me.

It is often said that if it wasn’t for our forefathers we would not have the knowledge to know what we do know now, through grit and hard work our ancestors learn’t the hard way and passed on this and the easy way to the sons and grandsons and so on till it got to the current generations.

From grandmother to granddaughter things like recipes and homely skills were passed along. Like christmas cake mix or grannies best beef pie and tricks to ease babies teething, and how to ‘make it all better.’

So this is the Countryman’s diary not Vogue, but you see this is a rub I have as you might remember from past articles like “Act of a gentleman” and “The air around the centre rim” we are of the old school, and with that came a steep learning curve, I know many will of heard Rob say he learnt from his Pappy and Dad and big Uncle Dave, well I learnt from 2 grandfathers, father and a whole heap of cousins and uncles and aunts. By the age of 14, I could dab sheep and dry stone wall, proper skills in this modern world, but the knowledge is there in my vast encyclopedia research area, commonly known as my brain.

So dear readers what am I going on about, well it has to do with a conversation I recently had with another old countryman, his knowledge is probably even more vast than mine, and I’m proud to admit I don’t know it all.

Those that say they do are plain face liars, so the gent and myself had a long chat how the youth of today seem to not want to learn or even take onboard the knowledge us older ones have to pass on, then a few weeks later I was looking through Facebook and low and behold a whole group of adults and not one would listen to any advice offered or freely given and some didn’t seem to have a clue on the subject either just a case of jumping on the band wagon.

So move forward to present day and  I was chatting to a chap about possibly writing some articles for us on a subject I have a huge interest in and that’s wood and finishing gun stocks in particular, you see I’ve already done 6 stocks over the years including teaching my self how to French polish.

No not that type of French…

This type of French.

I took me nearly 3 months to complete, the book says the wood will tell you you when its ready to move on, and it does.

So I sanded the air rifle stock back and then moved up through sand paper till it was 400 grit, then wire wool till it got to 0000 grade which is almost like hair, then layer  of boiled linseed oil and methylated spirits, and after many hours of putting on and taking it off and on and off, yes you get the idea, It shone, with just daylight coming through the workshop windows the whole room reflected in the stock, funny I sold the rifle to a lad just starting out and its still looking mint 15 years later.

But its another skill I have learnt that I can pass on to somebody else, if they want the knowledge, so this stocker as they are called was saying many professionals are not training people up like it used to be, as they are all worried their skills will be taken and used against them, as a prime example, Bert teaches Stan how to make something, then Stan opens up shop and puts Bert out of business using his new skills he just learn’t from Bert..        Oh its vicous out there.

Could of sworn there was more than one way to skin a cat as the old saying goes.

Now I’m not saying everybody goes out skinning cats, but there always used to be more than one Stan or Bert in the village, and they both had customers, so why nowadays is there such a cut throat issue, its a bit like where this article is heading, I’m referring to our world of hunters, shooters and country folk in general, I think we are meant to be a united voice but I see air rifles being slagged off by shotgun people, stalkers wont open up to anybody for fear of loosing some special secret they hold..

So I think them terrier boys are all covered in leprosy as nobody talks to them except their own.

And them folks on horses in red charging around like they own the place need to chat with all the non country folk who now go out foxing with 10 grands worth of night vision gear and a gold plated rifle in .007spcl calibre.

So you see we are many but not as one so the next time you see a course fisherman remind him it all started with a fly and J.R Hartley..Watch the video below ..

And along with the knowledge not being passed on, we as a non whole will eventually turn in on  its self and will kill our world, the antis need not apply..

So my thoughts on this, we as a community need to lay down ‘Our blades‘ and start banding together, from stalkers promoting our quality British venison to the guns on peg sharing birds with the local community and them lovely folks in red need to come down off the high horse and be a bit more public and maybe let the general public get to know who really rides out.

As the general view and reason the sabs can afford a new land rover is because all that follow and believe the sabs BS are under the impression that the only people ride the hunt are Lord and Lady Toffeenose, as in truth we don’t have any gentry left and most are everyday folks who go for a bloody good hack.

From doctors and dentists to the local scout leader ride out, gone of the days of upper class only, but its the biggest reason sabs push for a ban, for if the ban riding with hounds as drag hunting is now, that’s another string cut in the bow of our world.

And yes its a shame a recent hunt lost a hound, sabs had edited a video of many parts to make it look like one stream and didn’t show them unseating the lady master and one of the whippers, how are the 2 people in charge of the hounds meant to be able to control them when the sabs had called them over to the far side of the hunting land next the busy dual carriageway.

So we have a varied group as members of our world from fly fishing to long range rifle shooters and falconry to air rifles, so I think there is one voice between us but who will speak loud enough to be heard, any of the shooting bodies could but they don’t cater for all.

So a new body for all or an amalgamation of several the choice is ours we as one need to stand up for our rights and beliefs for if we don’t we shall loose them, the same is true of many country crafts we are loosing them daily at and alarming rate from the charcoal burners who sadly cant keep up with mass produced stuff, the lace makers and weavers the thatchers and lumberjacks the bee keeper and stick maker.

All will be lost if the left wing get their way, no hunting, shooting, country side crafts as they are part and parcel tied together by the use of the countryside itself as if the lefties want their way we shall be over grown with briers and weeds and no animals left as they think leaving everything is the only answer.

So passing the buck, is the title of this thought of mine, I teach my kids my values but they are free to open to the values of others from the  many fellows at Pass it on when we do taster days, and family and friends to how complete strangers behave, the knowledge I have gained are banked up to be passed on, and I always will, its just finding the sponges that want to learn.

So from all of my years catering knowledge to dry stone walls and dabbing sheep its here, come and get it.!

I do hope my children’s, children will be able to enjoy the great British isles as much as we have.

From hunting to fishing to target shooting to shouting ‘Tally-Ho’.

And one day my future ancestors join me on the great hunting plains and tell me.       ‘We stood united kicked arse and became one.’

It will be all worth the fight…