Passing it on USA.

Right many of our UK readers will know about Pass it on, the UK based charity, that’s promotes field-sports to the masses. America is also big on helping out, so here is a cracking story.

                                             “Passion Through the Pain”


Let me start by saying that I have a burning passion for archery and bowhunting. I believe the sport lives on in our youth and it keeps them away from the less then desirable aspects of being a kid today. It also instills some attributes that turn children into productive adults with respect and patience along with the ability to dedicate themselves to anything they want and succeed. 
5 years ago my wife was pregnant and I made some great friends at a job I had just started. One person in particular, her name is Kim. My wife had the baby and he had numerous complications and over the next few years he had half a dozen surgeries. One person that was there during my employment at this particular place was Kim. Life got in the way and we grew apart, still Facebook friends and talking occasionally. Recently I found out her 5 year old son Brighton had developed a tumor in the pineal gland in his brain that was found to be cancerous.
He needed to go through aggressive chemotherapy and radiation but the prognosis was promising. Since I had gone through the receiving end of a benefit for my son I wanted to help on the donating end this time. I talked to some friends in a Facebook group called Archery America. Together we collected cash donations and also were able to get Brighton his first bow.  It was completely set up and we even had a release and arrows donated! Now my little Hunter has a shooting buddy in Brighton and they both show extreme excitement and passion for archery.
He’s concurring this ailment and everything it entails. He’s doing it with a positive attitude and is happy as ever. I hope to one day be the one that gets to be with him when he harvests his first deer and you can be sure I’ll be filming the whole thing!
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