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Falcon S series scope.

Well One of our writers Lee had a scope for review back along from a small west country company with a big reach.readmore

The scope in question was the EVX and boy what a cracking high class bit of optical pleasure. So not to be out gunned or in this case out sighted, a quick call to Rob the sales manager at the Optics Warehouse and we arranged for a brand new scope fresh on the market, the Falcon S18i in 3-18×50 ir.


Now many folk hold a scope up in the shop and can picture looking at the quarry whether it be rabbit or deer and like the reticle design and the aim points oh it lights up which is always a  bonus, that would work well in the dark end of the shoot, down near the woods and the brook.

Yes we like it it has a bit of weight, well nearly 2lb in this case or 880 grams, and with weight comes that in built feeling of its a solid thing so should be tough, and its anodized coating oozes a quality feel its black and silky but not glaring and shiny with it, those turrets go clickety click all the way round no slips or over turns.

Oh the glass its a special type of glass, you know the sort, yea that type you can see through, hahahaha.

Its multi-coated to an inch of its life and its pin sharp, focus up or down and its image is as smooth as well glass, oh while we are looking through it we shall mention the aiming bit, well its not a cross hairs, they seem to be so last hunting season, its a multi aim point, windage and elevation calculated assemble of lines marks hashes and numbers, if you cant find an aiming mark to release your shoot give up and sell up.

The multi aim dodah, we shall call it Steve well Steve moves, that’s right its a FFP or 1st focal plane scope or as you zoom in the aim points get bigger so on the base zoom of 3x its this tiny thing in the tube, by the time you get to 18 its popping out the back of the scope, if your are not used to using one it does take a while to get used to it, I found it best to find a magnification I liked and stick with it.


Now some might be having a giggle carry on, I’m old school and like it,

I can tell you every aim point on my old hawke nite-eye scope in 30/30 and every distance for every shot, you see Its called practise it seems to be a dying art these days unless you want to shoot bugs from 350 yards, get some boxes from your local shops, set them up at various ranges and have a day learning your kit,

See how the projectile bends in flight, from the path of the 22 air pellet to the mighty .308.

They all fly and all need that scope to be pin point accurate, so the 1st thing I do when getting a scope is twiddle everything I need to know it moves and does what it says its meant to, from clicks of windage to smooth zoom and pa setting, then I reset the turrets to point zero, so I turn them to they stop and then count every click, on these turrets it was 304 clicks in total, boy that’s a lot, you could dial E-T with them.

It also is resettable, so zero it, then slacken off the allen bolt spin it to zero and then you can dial in the shot, or dope the scope and the Americans term it.

Steve has been set in MRAD for the scope which gives the shooter a massive 27 MRAD 92.82 MOA) of internal adjustment. Each turn of the new turret system gives you 10 MRAD of adjustment. Or its as pin sharp and as acurrrate as it could possibly be.

It works out moving the turret from 1- 2 moves the scope 10mm, so very easy and fast to zero the rifle. 

So we have a smooth zoom, and a positive click on the turrets, and the P/A is crisp as a daisy, so for the review I set it on my 17hmr, the mighty cz452 and as you can see from the pics they go together very well, its kept the balance of the rifle just in front of the magazine which is just about right for my shooting style, and it didn’t feel heavy or wild to aim or hold aim, sometimes big scopes push the weight around on a rifle and make it wobble or feel unbalanced in the hand, nope not here.

So I had a zero session with her, and one of my pest control ladies has a magpie issue so a few sets up there to keep the numbers down, they seem very wise do the old magpies, they have that crow sense in them for staying out of range or danger of us, so plan B was a go, my full pop up hide from Riverside outdoors,myself in side with the 17 and a game of who can last the most in 30 degree heat, I won the battle but not the war.

1 nest raiding magpie down, the scope was on 6x and he landed 55 yards away, he must of thought I was using the ol air rifle, nope not this time with a cough from the 17hmr and Mr clack clack, was no more.

The scope felt full of class, more like a S&b or other top end chunk of glass.

So precision turrets, 3-18 zoom illuminated reticle and 1st focal plane, pa adjustable down to 10m, and fully coated optics, bring this scope into a huge possible market rated to firearms use and with a 30 mm tube it is quality over quantity with a price bracket currently around £350 pounds is a steal,it also has a pair of flip up covers which worked brilliantly as we all know some don’t always open and close right, it also had a rather nice sunshade that screws in place.

I know optics warehouse currently have them on sale at a discount so if you are fast and follow the link below you can save on a fantastic scope and have enough to buy a new box of ammo to use on the range when you are enjoying this scope.

Oh and a very nice touch from the guys at falcon optics, is a branded leather patch already punched with sewing holes to be stitched on your jacket or favourite hat.

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