One less.

So, tonight I had planned to set up at 19:00, for a fox due at 20:35, but phone went, could I solder the wires on a new light in a tractor, so said, yep, bring it up at 18:00. So they arrived at 18:15, and got the soldering iron out. Took a bit of work, as the wind kept cooling the wires as fast as I could heat them, but finally got them soldered and wrapped in insulating tape. Then tried the light,  nothing, they hadn’t put bulbs in LOL.

So bulbs out of the old lamp, and into the  new, all working, screwed it back up, and off they went
Then it was, quickly walk the dogs, make a Thermos of coffee, and go set up.
By the time I was set up it was 19:25, but plenty of time.
Got scanning, every two minutes, and 20:35 came and nothing but a cat. But then the cat left, so good chance something was coming (although this fox was at the bait amongst about four or five cats the other night,  as I had a photo of it).
Then suddenly, a flash of the trail cam, and I switched the IR on, and swivelled the rifle down, and there was a fox.
It looked up as I flicked the safety off, so hit the record button for video, and quickly took aim and fired before it had chance to decide to run.
FOX DOWN 20:46
Then went and collected it. A nice dog fox, very old, but still in pristine condition, despite the mass of silver/grey hair on his underside
Quite heavy too, so well fed indeed.

And here he is.