Ole Rascal.



Ratting at the stables.

Last season I received a call from a lady with a rat problem in her stables, I had been recommended to her by a friend as he knew that our rat pack would sort her problem out.

I received the call from the lady who explained the problem that she had a large number of rats nesting in her horse stables, she had previously had another rat pack in but they had little joy in ridding her of the problem. So after a chat I arranged to be up there the following Saturday to which she was very pleased!!

The day in question came a nice chilly November day myself, David Horwood , Davids dad and son Riley and of course our pack of mixed terriers and lurchers were raring to go so after meeting the lady and having a chat an cuppa we let the dogs out into the first stable. Wow the hay inside the barn was moving!! The terriers and lurchers were going crazy marking up, so we wasted no time turning the hay over….suddenly Squeak! my jrt Gyp had a rat…..squeak!

Another rat falls to lacy….Dave’s lurcher……this place was riddles the rats were even in the plywood walls!! All this action had taken its toll on young Riley and he decided to take 5 on the hay……as he lay relaxing a big buck rat bolted, ran straight over Riley’s chest, followed by all 5 dogs……the boy didn’t even open his eyes!! We still laugh about this today!! Anyway the first stable was clear so we moved to the second, and straight away the dogs marked the plywood wall, so David and his dad wasted no time in prizing the board back…..no sooner had they done this than 15/20 rats bolted!

Some to the next stable but there was a few unlucky ones that found there way into the jaws of the dogs! When we came to the last stable we found that it had been filled with bales of hay….not ideal as it made getting to the rats very difficult and the dogs were marking it like crazy. So after moving a few bales the terriers squeezed in behind the stack and bolted the rats for the lurchers waiting outside……in my mind a rat pack is not complete with out lurchers as they have the extra speed needed to catch any more athletic rats the terriers miss.

As the end of the day drew near and the bucket of dead rats full we returned the dogs to the car we had 20+ rats and a few nests with Young in, the lady was extremely happy with our efforts and said we were welcome back anytime, it was a brilliant days ratting with the rat-pack and one that I will always remember!..


Ole Rascal.