On a very enjoyable day out at the North Somerset show, the countryman went to see our friends at the Somerset gun accessories stand.
On the stand is my friend Steve, the owner and  slightly rocking Knife demonstrator.
His party trick to selling knives, is the claim they are that sharp you can shave with them! He now has small bald patches on his arm from showing how sharp they are.
The knives in question are a  brand called “NAKURA” these knives are made in Korea, and the company supply the South Korean army.
Coming razor sharp and in a woven nylon sheath, the only drawback so far is the sheath is designed to hang from your belt on the left hand side. Bearing in mind most people are right handed.
The grips are very pleasing to the eyes, they sit nicely on the tang of the blade, the blade is full tang as the pictures show. This gives good strength and a comfortable  hold , the knife weighs in at a little over 8oz or 220 grammes.
The drop point blade is 5 ¼ inches long or 135mm. It is hollow ground and holds its edge very well. I bought this knife as a medium hunting knife, my knives need to be field ready whenever I need them so a blade that holds its edge and is easy to keep sharp is a big bonus.
On the weekend I took it with me to my local woods, and used it as a camp knife, from splitting logs and kindling to using it as the cooks knife, it held its edge.
I can highly recommend it, its balanced just on the first rivet and the blade polishes up to a good finish, this aids cutting as you remove any burrs on the face of the blade.
And the best part is They  sell them for £20. That nearly ¼ of the price of a buck or elk ridge.