MTC Scope



Well folks, here at the Diary, we get sent some cracking things to review and this is another one.

Tha MTC genesis scope, Available in two formats Gary sent the 5 x 20 x50 model for us to look at, this scope was so well packed it took me 20 mins to get into it.


Coming with an extended sun shade and butler creek flip up covers, This scope is a great bit of kit as you can see in the video above, the glass clarity is fantastic.

No as a hunter I have maybe 12 seconds to line up a shot, and found the multiple aim points a bit too much out in the filed, but for target work its was great.

As you can see from the above picture, the scope has aiming diamond shapes, for range-finding use, and an illuminated cross in the center.

I also liked the smooth adjustment for P/A, on the saddle and the very precise zoom.

Starting at 5x mag and going all the way to 20x brought images into a fantastic picture for aiming, and the scope also, worked very well with the nitesite.

I would say this is a great target scope and an equally good hunters scope, after using 30/30 scopes and mil dots in the past, this scope is a refreshing change with regards to its design, and functions, the 11 brightness settings for the illumination and very precise controls allow the user to finely tune it to there needs.

Score 9/10.